HEADTOOTH Pro: Revolutionized Comm Device For Extreme Sports

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Posted By Bernard D

With HEADTOOTH Pro enjoy crystal clear audio & uninterrupted comms within a 5 km radius range for any helmet-required outdoor activity.

With the HEADTOOTH Pro, we’ve eliminated the inconveniences such as unstable connections, poor sound quality, and restricted range that come with other helmet communication devices.

Use the HEADTOOTH Pro during your next adventure and enjoy uninterrupted connections, crystal clear surround sound audio thanks to the 2 HiFi HD Speakers & Vibration Woofer speaker, and a long distance connectivity range of up to 3.1mi(5km).

The MUC (Multilateral Frequency Used Communication System) is a system built on the well known communication technology behind walkie-talkies. Compared to the Node(Bluetooth) Network which is typically used in other helmet communication devices, the MUC system allows for uninterrupted long range communication from 1.2mi(2km) up to 3.1mi(5km).

The MUC system is less susceptible to distortion or interference from environmental obstacles so that strong connections can be upheld even in dense urban areas.

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