INMO AIR: World’s Lightest True AR Glasses

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INMO Air glasses display computerized information superimposed over the real world.

We have long worked to produce a pair of glasses that put bulky and outdated headsets to shame. 

Now with INMO AIR – the World’s lightest fashion-forward smart AR glasses weigh only 76g, designed to assist your everyday activities and let you stay fashionable on the go.

Voice Control

With the voice recognition feature (currently only available in English) users can easily control the device.

The visual experience is clear and refreshing. Specs as contrast ratio 20000:1, 100%sRGB full color gamut. The light transmittance is 83%, which enhances visuals from daily life, achieves zero occlusion, and the visual experience is excellent. 

Equipped with industry-leading display technology of optical waveguide see-through tech to enable an excellent visual experience. The thickness of the lens is only 3mm, which is the same as regular lenses.

Voice assistants

Utilize state of the art Ai voice assistance to find key information you need, even while your hands are occupied. 

Seamless Notification & Messages

Learn important messages timely with our unobtrusive interface across all of your apps. 

Get rid of the wire & ditch the cyborg look! 

Update your wardrobe with what the newest AR technology has to offer! 

We’ve seen cinema glasses call themselves AR or VR glasses simply because they put a small screen on regular glasses for you to watch videos. But that is not AR technology. 

Real AR glasses are equipped with a sensor to provide interactive operation and augmented reality visuals. Without the sensor, these competitors are only offering cinema lenses but not AR technology.

INMO Air is designed to be wireless and functions independently of any other device. The AI sensor embedded in the camera makes it an excellent smart assistant for everyday use.

Its lightweight and pocket-size body is comfortable enough to be worn anywhere. Most importantly, it’s affordable; making INMO Air the World’s First Consumer-Grade Augmented Reality Glasses!

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