Magnapot: A Dynamic Garden

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Posted By Bernard D

Step into your favorite room in your home. Take a seat, wherever you feel most comfortable. Then, take a deep breath in. Breathe out, and then in again. How does it feel? What does it smell like?

As peaceful as we try to make our homes, we often come up short. It is not for a lack of trying: it is just difficult to achieve the soothing, natural atmosphere that we crave and deserve. Secure and cozy, our homes are missing something. This is where Magnapot can make all the difference. 

Taking up minimal space, Magnapot empowers you to take charge of your living space. It is equal parts garden and art piece, the elegant surface crafted by hand and sure to make a clear statement about how sophisticated and centered a person you are.

Magnapot will spice up your space without making it overly cluttered. Keep making new arrangements and creating new sculptural gardens, embrace plants and uncover joy. Add one, add two, or add a dozen. When you opt for Magnapot, you are in charge. Become the designer that you have always dreamed of becoming.

An elegant hand-made set of 4 ceramic pots designed with magnetic tipped pods, Magnapot is a beautiful and minimal planter. In addition to looking futuristic, the magnetic tips will allow you to mix and match your Magnapots however you wish. 

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