JMGO U2 – Ultra-HD 4K Tri-color Laser Projector

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Real 4K|100’’ Cinema Experience|3600 ANSI Lumens| Co-created with DYNAUDIO|Dolby Audio|Strong Magnetic Speaker|Built-in Luna OS

Exotic Color Performance Beyond IMAX

Brilliant image quality requires high color accuracy. U2 sets itself apart by delivering vibrant, true-to-life images with better color brightness and a wider color gamut. Given that premium tri-color laser technology, U2 achieves 114% BT.2020 color gamut, exceeding 159% color standard of IMAX. Unlock a high-end home theater experience worthy of an A-list Hollywood film director and enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.

Brighter Display with 3600 ANSI Lumens

Brightness is one of the most important factors that separates typical projectors from the great JMGO U2. With a 2400-lumen light source, JMGO U2 boasts a peak brightness of 3600 ANSI lumens using Fresnel screen with a gain of 1.5, and thus the image will be visible and sharp even in a well-lit room. With more vibrant colors and a more clear overall picture, U2 amazes you stunning image quality.

 Stunning Detail with 4K Resolution

There’s no better way to watch 4K than on an enormous screen. Featuring a 4K Ricoh Prime Lens, U2 excels with an excellent contrast ratio, impressive brightness, and accurate color, all with better detail than what’s possible with a 1080p projector. If you’re ready to take your home theater to the next level, JMGO U2 is the best laser projection TV you can get for 4K content.

Featuring MEMC Technology, JMGO U2 delivers smooth content and transitions. Fast-moving images are clear which is ideal for watching action, sports and 3D movies. See your favorite team win in stunning 4K. 

Unmatched Cinematic Sound Tuned by Dynaudio

U2 didn’t just revamp the speakers, U2 re-engineered the sound as you know it. To ensure that you get to experience digitally precise sound with U2, JMGO has collaborated with the premium speaker manufacturer Dynaudio. You will be stunned by breathtaking accuracy when you absolutely must hear every single detail. This is what performance sounds like.

Premium Acoustic Foundation

Equipped with two 15W full-range speakers and two 10W tweeters, U2 allows you to enjoy rich sound with great bass. Listening to an orchestra with U2 demonstrates the pure sound, dynamic audio, and uplifting sonic experience. With a 2.4cc ultra-large sound cavity, it elevates sound with exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics at an impressive sensitivity.

Dual Certification from Dolby and DTS

Nothing beats home cinema and U2 makes it better, adding more details and realism to movie nights with cutting-edge audio technologies that support a 7.1 channel speaker setup, which has earned certification both from Dolby and DTS. Whether the scene has soft rain falling or jets screaming by, the sound comes from above and wraps around you. If there’s a car driving across the screen, you can hear it transition from left to right as it speeds by. No matter what your audio demands, U2 delivers incredible surround sound to perfectly complete the home cinema experience. 

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