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Flagship Light: convert any skillet into cast iron grill

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Posted By Bernard D

Much healthier food with better flavor. Essential accessory for your favorite frying pan. Fat-reducing & dry heat cooking technologies

Dry heat is what distinguishes an outdoor grill from a skillet, where the food is either stewed or stir-fried in oil. Flagship is designed to create the full effect of a fire grill in the comfort of your own kitchen.

It looks astoundingly simple to use because it is. Flagship Light slides into any skillet and heats up from it’s surface. You can oil the skillet or use it without any grease.

The bottom of the grill is machined after casting to shed off extra weight. Exclusively for the first Elite batch, which will be manufactured during the campaign, we added polishing to create the ideal smooth contact surface. Time-consuming hand polishing is not intended for mass production, but it’ll be included in the limited Elite Batch as an appreciation for your early support.

Flagship doesn’t need a skillet when used outdoors on open fire, park-style BBQs, charcoals or camping stoves. It wouldn’t take much space in your bag and will help you to control the temperature to grill perfectly crispy food in any unfamiliar conditions. 

As in any outdoor grill, the dry heat technology helps to preserve flavors and keep the food juicier. At the same time the food isn’t soaked with oil and fat.

Kitchen space is essential but sometimes we need to cook more food than one pan could accommodate. Flagship Light saves space and time. Convert several skillets into grills and cook surf-n-turfs or burgers and veggies at once.

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