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VFZ Curved Light Bar—Adjustable Light for Computer Monitors

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Curved Body, Anti-Blue Light, 3 Modes, 80 LED Bulbs

Meet the Curved Monitor Light Bar

The VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar is the world’s first monitor light bar that can adjust according to curved or straight monitors. With its patented holder design, the VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar can fit onto monitors between 5 and 50mm thick.

Reimagine Light Bar Designs

Regardless of whether you have a curved or straight monitor design, the light bar can adapt accordingly while lighting a larger area of your workspace. It also has uniformed lights so you don’t have to succumb to any distractions during your work.

Patented Light Bar Holder Design

The VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar features a double shaft that can adapt to various angles according to your monitor. What’s more, it fits onto any monitor with a thickness of between 5 and 50mm. Easily mount and adjust your light bar in as little as one second.

What Makes the VFZ Patented Holder Different? 

Normal monitor lights often block the camera on the monitor, which means you need to choose between using the camera and having light. It can become frustrating to constantly mount and unmount a light when you want to use the monitor’s camera. The VFZ Curved Monitor Light Barhowever, has a patented holder specially designed not to block the camera on your monitor. This means you can keep your light on your monitor and use the camera at the same time.

Don’t Be Bothered by Lights Shining in Your Eyes

With an asymmetrical light source, you won’t have to struggle with a constant light in your eyes. The light also doesn’t shine directly onto the monitor, reflect, or glare. This means your eyes won’t get damaged by the light – instead, you’ll be able to see the work you’re doing with crystal-clear clarity.

Three Adjustable Color Temperatures

With just one button, you can adjust the VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar between three different temperature modes, which include:

One Key to Adjust Brightness

The VFZ touch button can adjust the intensity of light by long pressing. Its adjustment has slight changes in levels, so the available brightness is very rich.

Features a Color Index of Ra95

The VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar’s color render index is Ra95, which can be restored to its true colors without a stroboflash.

Unit-Body Design with USB-C Charging

The VFZ Curved Monitor Light Bar features all the light bulbs in one place and offers USB-C charging capability.Charge your light with your computer while you’re using it!

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