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Tune in to your ultimate gaming state of mind using tDCS. For increased focus & memory retention.

Do you ever wish you could tap into the laser focus of the elite?

Tune into your brain to build stronger neural networks. Experience the power of your mind and improve your gaming performance. 

By combining a safe and well-known neurostimulation technology called tDCS with the valuable time you spend on practice, you can optimise the natural activity in your brain to elevate your performance. 

PlatoGame has been tested in the largest tDCS gaming study ever. It’s a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study with more than 17,000 data points per subject and the results speak for themselves. 

Increase in high scores – Up to 40%*

Improved reaction time – Up to 60 ms*

Improved accuracy – Reduce errors up by up to 20%*

*Average stimulation effect among strong stimulation responders

The natural power of your brain – enhanced to enrich your focus 

The brain is fascinating as it constantly changes and adapts to demands that it receives. Neuroplasticity is the brain physically changing and creating new connections to improve information processing capabilities. 

tDCS enhances neuroplasticity by accelerating the rate of change and working with the brain to reach higher levels of connectivity faster.

While you game, several brain areas and networks are active. PlatoGame’s electrodes deliver a microcurrent to the regions of the brain that include attention, motor control, working memory and creativity

Practising a specific game forms a new pattern of activity in the brain which will over time create new connections to facilitate improved performance. 

In a FPS game, you may think, “I should look up”. Instead of rotating your head or moving your eyes, you slide your mouse up. This eye-motor action needs to adapt to hand movement. This is not a pattern of activity we’re born with and needs to be strengthened by game playing.

Simply put, tDCS not only boosts performance, it also improves your learning rate over time.

The PlatoGame Headset

You’re already doing the hard part, investing the hours of training. We want to support you to reach your full potential in an easy to use, proven and accessible way. 

PlatoGame is a lightweight neurostimulation headset made from high-quality materials and fits most head shapes and sizes. The minimalist design is complemented by cloud-based software and activated using the app. Simply select your desired mode to start a 30-minute neurostimulation session and begin gaming. The effects of PlatoGame continue hours after your session has ended. 

PlatoGame App – iOS and Android

What Is In The Box?

Simple Set-Up

Incredible Technology – Affordable Price

PlatoGame’s design is minimalistic, sophisticated, and headphone-friendly.

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