Neabot Q11 4000Pa Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum & Mop

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4000Pa|2.5L Self-Emptying Dustbin|4 Advanced Beam LiDARs|dToF Detection|3D Mapping|300ML Water Tank

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In the times of IoT, everything seems to be connected and smart. Unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners available in the market are just not quite there yet. They fall short to completely free up our hands from house cleaning because of their deficiency in obstacle avoidance, deep cleaning, house mapping etc. Neabot NoMo Q11 lifts the AI obstacle avoidance technology to a whole new level. It utilizes 3D scanning & mapping instead of 2D that’s widely used by competing products. Together with the most advanced route planning algorithm, Neabot Q11 plans better cleaning routes than any other robot vacuums and achieves an industry-high cleaning rate of 91%. The compact  body, 3.4-inch in height, easily gets under beds and sofas. Its unbeatable suction power of 4000Pa is one of the strongest on the market. When getting on carpet, it automatically boost the suction to give the carpet a much more thorough cleaning. Q11 comes with an interactive APP of its own, on which you can easily set the cleaning areas or the no-go zones. We’ve had noise reduction in mind from day one, so that you and your family can have your life/work undisturbed while Neabot Q11 gets your house cleaned up. In addition to all above wonderful features, the uniqued design of Q11 stands out in a very visually pleasing way.

Built upon the dToF detection technology and 3D imaging algorithm, Neabot Q11’s AI obstacle avoidance system features 4 beam LiDARs. As a cutting edge technology widely used in autonomous driving by leading self-driving car makers around the world, Beam LiDAR is characterized by its long detecting range and high imaging fidelity. It helps self-driving cars to see the world more clearly, so that the cars can plan better routes, and detect and avoid obstacles faster and more accurately. With this technology integrated, Neabot Q11 can accurately recognize chair feet, magazines, cables and pet droppings etc. For every cleaning task, Q11 optimizes the cleaning route and avoids obstacles, completing the task in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Q11 can accurately identify all kinds of small objects and stains, and adjust its course of action accordingly. You never have to worry about Q11 smearing dog poop all over your house, or getting tangled up by wires or other small objects.

*Q11 may not recognize liquids, but can clean water stains on the floor. 
*Q11 does not have a camera to capture image so your privacy will never be breached. 
*Q11 does not recognize objects under 2cm in height.

Unlike most robot vacuums with their radar stacked on top, Neabot Q11 hides the Beam LiDARs inside the body, significantly reducing the thickness of the robot. Q11 is merely 3.4” in height and can easily roam under sofas, beds and cupboards etc.

Traditional robot vacuums go only where you can see, leaving much of your floor unattended. We reduced the height of Neabot Q11 to a mere 3.4″ by hiding the LiDARs inside, so that it can go under beds and sofas and such to give your house a much more thorough cleaning it desperately needs.

If you ever had a robot vacuum before, it’s quite likely you’ve seen it tumbling down the stairs. That is never going to happen to Neabot Q11, thanks to those 4 most sensitive anti-drop sensors built in. This is a safety measure for the robot itself, your house, but most importantly you and your family.

*NEABOT Q11 can climb on and off carpet from hard floor effortlessly. It can climb over obstacles ≤2cm.

The base station also serves as a charging station. Whenever the robot is docked in, it is charging. When the batteries run low in the middle of a task, it automatically goes back to the base station for charging. In addition, the energy dense batteries built in could power the robot for 150-minute vacuuming or cleaning 2100sqft house. So you’ll never have to be concerned about its batteries running low.

Neabot Q11 not only has a 250ml dust box built in the robot but also has a 2.5L supersize self-emptying dustbin. When the robot finishes a task and goes back to the station, trash in the dust box is transferred into the 2.5L self-emptying dustbin so you don’t have to empty the dust box manually. The collector is big enough for trash of approximately 30 days, although it varies with the size of your house. When it’s full, all you need to do is lifting your fingers to take it out.

What does it mean for a robot vacuum to have a suction power of 4000Pa? To put it in perspective, most competing products in the market are between 1,000pa and 2,000pa. Neabot Q11 boasts a suction power of 4000Pa. This may seems unreal considering its compact size. But that’s what NEABOT Q11 is.

No matter it’s flour, grains, beans or even marbles, the powerful Neabot Q11 can handle with ease. Wherever Neabot Q11 has scrolled by is spotless. Now you don’t have to worry about your kids running around the house bare-footed. Manual vacuuming? Never again!

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