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THE MORE OR LESS- the size increasing, style changing dress

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The option to change style, shape, and size to match your dynamic life

The More or Less is the ultimate dress designed with a patent-pending technology that allows you to change size and shape in seconds, providing maximum flexibility and comfort.

Wrinkle resistant fabric paired with technical side panels engineered to fit perfectly encased in the side seams without feeling them when the dress zips/unzips.

                             Pockets are hidden on the side seams at the hip area. 

Listening to women and our everyday challenges, we understand that how clothes fit is everything. This is the reason why we designed, and PERFECTED this concept to create a size changing dress to always fit just right, whether you wear it tight or loose. 

The innovative fabric quickly transfers sweat to the fabric’s top layer and dries fast so that the sweat never soaks through the fabric.

 Experimental Method: dropping droplets of water on the center of the fabric.

👗  You’ll have a dress for life – from maternity wear to weight loss or gain, this dress stretches and hugs your body, adapting to your lifestyle and body changes while leaving stress out of the equation. 

Our bodies are complex and ever-changing, based on our stress levels, sleep quality, and diet. We can’t have the perfect balance at all times, but clothes should help, remaining flexible, and making us comfortable. You can size up and down all day long. This is the perfect dress for every situation!


Searching the world for the best materials, we discovered the most versatile fabric: Japanese Prime flex. A hybrid between dressy and comfy fabrics, combining it with technical pleats for the sides, to elongate the waist and provide 360 degrees of movement. We have added the highest quality zipper to slide smoothly when you need it, keeping shapes in control so you always look put together no matter the situation.

The More or Less dress is made to last.You can hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean. To preserve the best properties of the style, its functions,  and technical pleats we strongly recommend hand wash or dry cleaning over machine wash with mild detergent cold. Dry on hanger or line dry. Do not use fabric softener during wash. Do NOT bleach. 

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