PooPail: World’s best 2-in-1 solution for dog poop

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Pick up and store your dog’s waste for up to a week! No smell, no hassle. No more poopy days!

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For years, I’ve seen my “hoomans” suffer through the chore of handling my poop. Reports show the same pet owner struggles worldwide. 

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We’ve witnessed…

  • The disgust on our owners’ faces when the smell hits their nose… 
  • Their annoyance at having to bend over to grab our mess…
  • Wasted hours at a time — in dog time — for them to make their journey to the stinky dumpster…

Data shows that what my owner is experiencing is also happening to every dog parent around the world…

Us pooches know we’re the cause of this poop… so it’s my job to fix this! After countless late nights at the office, I’m here to say our “barktastic” team found the best way to pick up dog poop.

The world’s first 2-in-1 solution to dog poop!

No more bending over, trying to fit a monster doodie in a tiny bag, or nervously walking around trying not to get poop on your shoes! For the first time ever, picking up dog poop in the yard is just a flick of the wrist!

Sure, you could bend over like all the other hoomans. Or you could use PooPail’s practical 2-in-1 design, helping you scoop waste directly into the dog poop pail without getting in awkward positions.

PooPail’s huge storage capacity (4 Gallons) saves you from 28 long journeys to the dumpster by storing many smelly leftovers for up to a week in its waterproof and smell-proof pail!

“So now I have a bucket of poop?”
Nobody wants to stockpile dog poop, but now you have the choice of emptying it whenever it is most convenient. 

35 trips to the dumpster/trash cans a week can become 7, or you could go every 2 days, or 3… it’s up to you now!

To make your life even easier and less poopy, we’ve also got large dog poop bags for you! Take them with you and conveniently attach them to your leash with the included bone dispenser (check out our add-ons for poop bags).

The “Pooper-Scooper’s” design allows sand, and pebbles to fall right through. The only thing getting in that bag is the mess you want to get rid of. 

While you could definitely bend over and grab poop over and over again…  With PooPail’s long handle, you’ll be saving yourself from future back pain, or just deciding to make your life a little easier!

10+ Year Lifespan PooPail is made of durable materials to withstand years of messes.

Environmentally Friendly — PooPail’s bags are compostable and biodegradable, meaning they’ll decompose alongside your dog’s poop and not seal in the poop for centuries in landfills!

Sealed Lid — Keeps rain and sprinkler water out, and poop and the smell of our many dinners in.

PooPail has a secure lid that prevents smells from getting out, and water from getting in. Although it does do an amazing job at containing the stench, recommend keeping it outside, and not under your kitchen sink.

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Have a dog? What about a yard? Does your dog poop? I’m guessing yes… (All us pooches POOP!) 😀 Then PooPail is for you!

PooPail is the perfect poop solution for dog poop removal, whether you have a little Chihuahua, or 5 big Saint Bernards. The scoop works on all surfaces, from concrete to tall grass, and is ideal for dog shelters, trainers, and daycares too!