TOKIT Omni Cook: Your Smart Home Chef

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Meet your kitchen assistant: an all-in-one kitchen appliance that prepares your meals efficiently, faster, and more exciting than ever!

TOKIT Omni Cook: Your Smart Home Chef by TOKIT — Kickstarter

Start your day with great taste! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, the TOKIT Omni Cook helps you prepare meals at home more efficiently, time-saving, and exciting than ever before.  

 Omni Cook’s cutting-edge technology makes it easy to cook for any occasion or daily life. It features simple, step-by-step digital recipes with an automated cooking process that brings every perfect and delicious meal to the table.  

Thanks to the built-in 11+ culinary modes and innovative compact design, Omni Cook replaces up to 21 cooking gadgets in your kitchen, which fulfill a wide range of tasks, from chopping and grinding to steaming and much more. 

Omni Cook provides a quick and easy interactive design via an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display. Tweak and customize your favorite dishes with a press of your fingers. 

Designed to be easy to read, the screen is at a comfortable and easy to reading angle. The brightness of the display is also easy to adjust so you can read it in any setting.

With a small footprint of about 1 square feet, you can place the Omni Cook anywhere and save up to 90% of the space in your kitchen while replacing other kitchen appliances at the same time. 

Thanks to the versatility of the Omni Cook’s compact and portable design, it can fit perfectly almost anywhere. With the Omni Cook, you can comfortably cook smoke-free and odor-free so you can take it with you to your dormitory, office, or camper van and enjoy delicious food wherever you may be.

The wide inner pot is designed to evenly heat ingredients via a hot plate. As an additional safety feature, a built-in lid detection system protects the food and you during the cooking process until everything is locked and securely in place.

Made of temperature-resistant and food-grade materials, Omni Cook is 100% safe and environmentally friendly, which ensures a worry-free cooking experience.

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