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CHESSNUT AIR | Redefining the Standard in Digital Chess Set

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Posted By Bernard D

Extraordinary experience|Value for money|High quality wooden frame|Enhance your experience of playing online|Improve your skill by AI

This is Chessnut AIR, one of the most innovative but affordable digital chess set in the world. Different from other electronic chessboards, Chessnut AIR can recognize each chess piece on where it is located quickly and precisely. Chessnut AIR makes learning fun and we believe you will have an extraordinary experience on our product.

High prices are beyond the reach of many chess lovers, whereas Chessnut eliminates the concerns.

Chessnut AIR has a very attractive price for an electronic chess set. The retail price will be $199 but now you ONLY need a minimum of $99 to get a chessboard that has suitable size, wooden texture, multiple functions(play online, piece recognition, Chess AI integration, multiple OS platform supported etc.)

With Chessnut AIR, you can not only play offline with friends, but also enjoy the challenges vs chess lovers around the world.

Chessnut AIR supports mainstream online playing platform, Lichess and*. Chess lovers can have more authentic experinces playing Chessnut AIR instead of the virtual experience just clicking mouse.

We have noted that recently will not release interactive API that allows game moves because of security issues, our Chessnut App was unable to do an implementation of it to play online game. We promise to improve the online game experience and keep in touch with to reach an official partnership and integration under official technical support. For the time being, there is no official partnership have been reached with yet.

However, we are using a JS control to simulate mouse clicks to enable our chessboard to control piece moves on, This was not a definitive solution, but a temporary one until the application would be implemented with official APIs we mentioned above.

Chessnut abides by applicable laws and policies and will make declaration on true condition.

All Chessnut commodities are exported through Hong Kong (free trade port); therefore, customers are not required to pay any export tariff. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries, and you will be responsible for customs fees, duties, VAT, import taxes, etc. administered by your government. They are excluded from the shipping fees.

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