Pico Max: Grow a Garden Anywhere!

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Grow thriving plants everywhere with a click – telescopic LED lights, multiple mounts, and a self-watering system. Anyone can do it!

Pico Max: Grow a Garden Anywhere! by Altifarm Enverde LLC — Kickstarter

 Last year Pico helped over 20,000 backers step into the magnificent world of growing plants. Pico max is what they asked for – a bigger, better, and smarter version of Pico. Now you can grow a thriving garden anywhere.

Watch your plants grow and thrive on their own. 

With an improved Self-watering system, Pico Max can sustain certain plants for up to ten days. It has a new inbuilt spout to top up the much bigger reservoir. The transparent window lets you know when it’s time to top up, typically once a week. Employing just capillary action and gravity, this design does not require any power supply or involve a motor or pump. Your plants will also grow quicker and healthier due to root oxygenation from below, provided by the ventilation holes.

Bring the power of sunlight into the darkest corners of your home. Pico Max gives your plants all the energy they need.

Powered by high-performance power-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, Pico Max provides all the necessary wavelengths of light to replace the sun completely and allows you to grow plants all year round. These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants. The LEDs are mounted on an easily adjustable telescopic arm—because plants grow like crazy under our LEDs! Now they come with an Industry-first Proximity Sensor-based automatic dimming function, to protect the plants from leaf burn or overexposure. 

Build your garden wherever you want. Pico Max’s multiple mounting options and the battery give you the freedom to build your garden the way you want!

The revised mounting system involves one magnetic mount on the Pico Max and a mating multipurpose metal bracket, which could be mounted on a wall/ glass/ mirror using adhesive tapes or on magnetized surfaces like refrigerator doors or kitchen cabinets. With the optional battery, you could even showcase your beauties in places with no power outlets.

One Pico is great, but why stop there? Chain multiple Pico MAX or Picos together to build yourself a multi-tiered indoor garden.

With three USB Type-C ports, two in the bottom and one on the top, daisy-chaining is much easier. Just connect cables to either side, and Pico Max will accept and pass-through power to the next one, with the least wire clutter.

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