memoryOS: Drastically Improve Your Memory the Fun Way!

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AI-powered memory improvement gamified app, co-developed by 2X World Memory Champion

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The current educational system expects us to remember significant amounts of information without teaching us how to memorize it in the first place.  

Memorization is as important as reading and writing. It should be taught as our basic skill.

We are deeply honored and grateful for the overwhelming support from the Hawking family and for our collaboration towards Pi Day on March 14th in tribute to Professor Hawking.


Learning should be fun! We understand that, so we created a unique and fun way for you to improve your memory fast and with confidence!

We’ve merged together the latest virtual technology with immersive 3D gaming and created the most enjoyable and efficient tool for improving your memory and mental sharpness and keeping your brain alive.

With memoryOS, you improve your mental performance in an enjoyable way that doesn’t trigger resistance from your brain or from your old habits and lets you gradually harness your amazingly powerful mind!

By now, it is a fact that the ability to easily memorize any information in large amounts is a skill that can be learned. Endorphins that are being released due to gamification lead to a boost in motivation and make the overall learning experience more powerful.

Memorization skill entails having a structured storage space (i.e., Mind Palace) for the information you need to remember. Mind or a Memory Palace is a fundamental memory technique used by all World Memory Champions.


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