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TEDPoP: World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Rooftop Tent

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Posted By Bernard D

The next generation of the World’s Most Spacious Pop-Up Hardshell Rooftop Tent that allows you to make your own portable home anywhere!

TEDPoP - The World's First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Hardshell Rooftop Tent -  TEDS OUTDOOR -

There are lots of exciting things to love about camping but setting up your tent is rarely one of them. Lugging it around while it’s packed up can be quite a hassle and pitching it usually ends up being way more complicated than it should be.

TEDPoP makes sleeping off the ground super easy and convenient. Just unfold it and you are ready to go! After you install TEDPoP once, you can use it to camp whenever and wherever you want!

 TEDPoP offers an enormous space allowing up to 5 people to lay down comfortably at once due to dual expandable panels on both sides of the tent.

It offers a non-obstructed 360°all-around view that is generally not possible in the case of expandable rooftop tents due to their structure.

Since there are 2 entrances, you can change the direction of the tent entry to any side that you prefer as well.

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