SOREE – The Bespoke Frame Speaker

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Posted By Bernard D

Custom Imaging | Proprietary Vibration Mechanism | Wireless | Stereo Sound; Create an art decor piece that’s truly one of a kind

In Korean, “soree” means “sound.” We designed this product to transform the way you see sound.

SOREE is a customizable premium frame speaker to add that final touch to your bare walls, creating an ambience truly unique to your home.

Complements Any House

We let your art do all the talking. The frame itself is designed to blend seamlessly into any space and with any image.

Switch Images With Ease

SOREE’s magnetic frame allows you to change the image with complete ease. Use this to your advantage to switch up the energy of the room in seconds!

We love music. But most speakers look too rigid and obnoxious. They just don’t fit in well with the rest of the space. That’s why we decided to reimagine how speakers look – subtle, clean, but just as functional.

SOREE lets you decide how you want to your home to look, making your sacred space all the more special.

Whether it’s a picture of your loved ones, your own designs, or something simple that just makes you smile, we can turn anything into art.

After the campaign ends, we will send out a survey to collect your selection of art pieces (both from our gallery and your custom choice).

The best way to enjoy sound is in stereo. When 2 SOREEs pair together,  each one takes on a left and right sound. This creates a stereo sound effect using the acoustics of your space, adding more dimensions to the music.

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