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inFace Smart Body Cleansing Brush

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Deep Clean Dirt/Oil/Dead Skin/Acne/Calluses | Soft Massage | 5 Cleaning Heads | 120mins Usage Time

inFace Smart Body Cleansing Brush | Indiegogo

Have you ever had these painful experiences? Unbearable itchy back acne, hard to remove the dead skin on the heels and knees, and the accumulated dead skin cells cause calluses and cracked skin. It’s always hard to reach your back while in the shower or bath. Also, the quality of most normal brushes is rough that may easily damage your skin. Now time to say goodbye to all these troubles. Let’s enjoy a brand new bathing experience with inFace!

Your skin can be improved completely with the help of inFace smart bath brush. In addition to removing oil and dirt from the surface of your skin, even acne marks and pimples can be effectively removed. Say goodbye to skin problems, forever!

Most bathing instruments use one-way rotation rubbing, which will cause discomfort and incomplete cleaning. inFace Smart Body Cleansing Brush pioneered the development of a dual-way rotating brush head to achieve a double-cleaning rotation and rubbing gently like the delicate mode of a washing machine with no hurt to skin. 

It can also deep clean and get rid of trapped dirt and excess oil beneath the surface of the skin, to help prevent the build-up of pimples, fat granule and dead skin in your pores. Improve your skin condition effectively, leaving skin smooth and soft.

Equipped with five multi-purpose brush heads, that could comprehensively improve back acne and fat particles, care for your skin with full effective clean and tender your skin. Just take one second to replace and very easy to use.

Use the silicone brush to massage the body in the shower or bath, to enjoy a massage-style rubbing while cleaning. You can also massage your body with essential oils which is truly relaxing and enjoyable.

In order to care for the skin entirely and avoid damage caused by excessive scrubbing, the inFace smart brush has developed an intelligent protection system. The brush will beep twice when the pressure exceeds 2 kg, then shut down automatically. Scrubbing for ease without hurting your skin

inFace body cleansing brush uses a high capacity 1200mAh battery. It can be used for up to 120 minutes on one single charge. Moreover, for safety reasons and the convenience of charging, the battery case can be removed easily and charged wirelessly by the magnetic charging station. Super safe and portable.

The whole body of the inFace brush is made of Dow Corning food-grade silica gel, which is exceptionally safe and very comfortable without leakage. The grip has high friction and is not easy to fall off. The battery shell is made of high-quality PC + ABS. This material is widely used in the smart phone shells with super high gloss and safety. Let you use it with 100% peace of mind.

Hang it directly on the bathroom wall and use it whenever you want. Convenient and Simple, Does Not Take Up Space.

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