PressDrain – Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

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A bathtub drain that will cut hair and you don’t need to touch the hair to clean it, and stop the clog.

PressDrain - Stop the Clog! Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain by PressDrain —  Kickstarter

PressDrain is a premium bathtub filter designed to shred hair into pieces. Just press it, and worry no more!

“Clogged Drain” will probably make you think of, nasty hair, flooding, bacterial, chemical solutions, plunger and plumber…etc.

It’s time to say goodbye to a ‘long-time clog buddy’! PressDrain can easily catch hair and shred hair in an efficient way: To STOP the CLOG! 

While using another product like a bathtub hair catcher, you will probably need another drain stopper. But PressDrain can be used as a stopper. Thick rubber inserted on the cap and the base, to create a complete seal. So you won’t need to manually switch between hair catcher and stopper.

While a traditional hair catcher will catch hair, you still need to do the dirty work of removing the hair.

Physically and Psychologically, you don’t want to touch the hair.

  • Slimy, mold hair that might be full of bacteria and germs.
  • Unexpected flood, good shower mood is always ruined by the flood.
  • Mold will accumulate in the bathtub, and you never know how dirty it is.

PressDrain allows you to prevent the clog, without touching the slimy hair!

Simply press the cap, the internal blade will cut hair into pieces, and water will flow as it should, preventing clog from happening!

Special heat treatment ensuring the blades will last for years. Not sharping or maintenance required. No Need to Buy a New Drain Stopper/Hair Catcher Every Other Year!

It is the world first hair shredder for bathtub drain that is compatible with any standard bathtub. We will tailor it for you. No matter what shape the bathtub is, no matter what the size of the floor drain is. At the end of the project, we will send you a survey to fill in the size of your floor drain.

While PressDrain being able to cut hair, it does bring up our attention of, whether PressDrain will cause any harm to children. Additionally, we added childproof design on the base, the upper part of the drain will not easily come apart.

Last but not least, you can always press and twist to close the drain, leave children 0 chance from harming themselves, meaning your finger will have no contact with the cutting edge.

We have tested on long hair, short Hair, straight and curly hair.

and even hair from your lovely pet..

PressDrain also catches Jewelry, so you don’t need to worry about jewelry from falling into the drain.

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