Baby Mood – The All-In-One Baby Monitor System

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One of a kind baby monitor, night light, sound machine and sleep trainer that keeps your baby safe and gives you peace of mind

Baby Mood - The All-In-One Baby Monitor System by Team ChillaxBaby —  Kickstarter

Why You Need It

Get More Done

Tuck the ChillaxCare app or handheld video parent unit into your pocket as you work around the house. Or, take that relaxing shower that you so need. Keep an eye on your little one without having to pop into their room at every noise you hear.

See How Your Baby is with the Babysitter

Even on-the-go, you’ll still be able to see what goes on at home when you have that new babysitter over. View in live mode to see if they’re sleeping, eating and on their best behavior.

Get More Sleep

Get that extra hour of sleep with Baby Mood’s sleep training mode. Help teach your toddler to stay in bed longer and when it’s OK to get out of bed.

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