LeGrow, Create Your Own Desktop Garden With Ease

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LeGrow is a modular indoor planter to create a customized desktop garden – Just stack and expand.

If you need something to light up your life, there is nothing better than a desktop planter to beautify your room and refresh you. LeGrow 2021 is a planter system with a modern twist that makes growing plants easier than ever. The modular system is connected so that watering any plant, automatically shares the moisture equally with all the other plants. It’s fast, easy, and takes the hassle out of maintaining your garden.

4 years ago, we launched our first campaign on Kickstarter. It was a great success and now, after 4 years of development and feedback from the LeGrow community, we are back with the upgraded LeGrow 2021. Our new system is better than ever and ready to help your plants thrive while you experience the joy of indoor gardening. 

Low Maintenance 

Taking care of multiple plants can be a real hassle for busy people. Plants require careful watering for proper growth and it’s a task that is easily overlooked. LeGrow 2021 has an automatic watering system so that you don’t need to water the plants every day. Even if you leave for a trip, LeGrow 2021 will keep your plants happy and healthy while you’re away.

Watering LeGrow 2021 garden is super easy. Simply pour water into the self-watering tray, it will distribute it to all the plants evenly. Therefore, you don’t need to water the plants one by one and you won’t water too much at once. You can save both time and water with a LeGrow 2021 indoor garden.

LeGrow 2021 developed a self-watering tray for its indoor garden system. The patented water pipe structure ensures that all the planters are connected and the plants can receive the water equally, while the roots are ventilated to encourage healthy grow. The water level is visible so that you’ll know when to water again.

Keeping plants alive and flourishing is difficult when growing indoors due to lack of sunlight. To overcome this, an LED grow light is essential for adequate light. The LeGrow 2021 LED grow light will turn on when you switch it on and turn off 12 hours later automatically. This sets the autonomous lighting system, which will then automatically repeat the process daily to ensure proper lighting for your garden. LeGrow 2021 takes care of it for you!

Some plants need higher humidity to thrive. The humidifier can help you build an environment that is conducive to proper humidity so you can grow your plants better.

If you have ever visited a tropical garden or climates where plants thrive, you probably noticed the high level of humidity in the atmosphere. While watering plants is important, it is also essential to maintain consistent humidity. LeGrow 2021 adds a 360° diffusing mist humidifier as a solution.

You can connect your phone with the LeGrow 2021 Bluetooth speaker and enjoy music at home, playing some peaceful natural sounds and watch your lovely garden grow. LeGrow 2021 creates a calm and relaxing home garden.

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