The Click & Grow 25 – A farmer’s market in your own home.

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Grow an abundance of nutritious leafy greens and herbs at home with the most space and energy efficient indoor garden ever made.

The Click & Grow 25 - A farmer's market in your own home. by Click & Grow —  Kickstarter

The Click & Grow 25 is the only indoor plant growing solution to provide a continuous, significant harvest for a healthier diet.

The Click & Grow 25 works like a Nespresso coffee machine, only instead of coffee pods, you use biodegradable Smart Soil plant pods to grow fresh greens all year round.

All pods contain seeds, perfectly calibrated nutrients and optimal levels of pH to ensure the perfect conditions for accelerated plant growth.

Coupled with a patented tray system, it’s the only indoor garden that fits any urban lifestyle and allows growing substantial amounts of greens for everyday use, all-year-round, with minimal attention required from the user. 

The garden takes care of watering, lights and the connected app gives you real time updates and tips on the progress of your plants. Ready to harvest your first batch? 

We’ve dedicated the last 11 years on developing the best solution for growing fresh greens at home in a sustainable way while giving constant harvest. Not a gadget, a change maker. 

With more than 11 years of R&D under our belts, we’ve spent a long time developing the backbone of our plant pods: The Smart Soil. This plant based growth substrate was developed by our team of material scientist to support faster plant growth. It’s a material that breathes with the plant and evenly disperses a mixture of nutrients, oxygen and water made to support the specific seed inside the pod. Made of natural materials, the Smart Soil is biodegradable.

What makes the Click & Grow 25 one of a kind is the unique tray-system (patent pending) that creates the perfect cycle of growth, meaning you’ll always have enough yield to add to your dishes at all times. Insert pods from one end, harvest from the other. Continuously. 

A tray with ready-to-harvest greens can easily be removed from the garden, replaced with another to start growing the next cycle, and taken to the table where you eat or kitchen counter where you prepare your meals. The plants in the removed tray stay fresh for up to a week, keeping all of their nutrients intact and avoiding food waste. Seed to plate has never been easier.

The design of the device enables continuous weekly harvest. The 5 week growing program/cycle ensures constant availability of fresh greens with minimal attention from you.

  • Single person household = 1 unit
  • A couple =  1-2 units
  • Family with 2 kids = 2-3 units 
  • Restaurant or store = depends on the volume of your business
  • Each module comes with 6 trays – 1 you can use for harvesting or storing the herbs you plan to harvest and 5 to always have in the garden producing new greens.
  •  Measurements: 29 x 16 x 20.6 inches | 74 x 41 x 52,5 cm
  •  Floor area: 3.2 sq ft |  0.3 m2.
  •  Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
  • 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray (5×5)
  • Vertically stackable; 3 modules max 
  • 70 + plants available to grow
  • 30 pack plant pod dispensers optimised for the continuous user experience
  • Subscriptions and various mega-packs will  be launched in February 2022
  • Garden and plant pods packaged in cardboard packaging (no single use plastic used)
  •  Price per plant pod will be between 1.5-2.2$ (depending on the plant) meaning growing at home is comparable to the prices of Whole foods or other organic markets in terms of cost for you.
  • You can order additional plant pods via our website once you’ve used up your starter kit. Special variety mega-packs will be launched in February 2022.
  •  Two finishes/colours available – choose between oak wood + white panels or oak wood + black panels. 

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