FILMATIC- A Small yet Powerful Outdoor Projector

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FILMATIC’s design is inspired by armored vehicles and incorporates elements of ammunition boxes. The combination of a classic, retro and industrial style created the FILMATIC.

Amazingly lightweight yet powerful, FILMATIC is a super portable wireless outdoor projector that’s smaller than an avocado!  Only 200g, easily throw the FILMATIC into your bag or a pocket for every outdoor adventure.

A real outdoor device is capable of handling various harsh environments. The shell is made of high-density aluminum alloy with one-time die-casting process, making FILMATIC sturdy and seamless. It is more  durable than traditional projectors with plastic casings.

 Drop resistant & IPX6 waterproof, take away your worries. 

Traditional projectors usually use a fan to dissipate heat. They  might be noisy after  long periods of being switched on, which greatly affects your experience.  FILMATIC uses a brand-new structural heat dissipation system. By using heat dissipation surfaces on both sides of the casing, it ensures a controlled working environment temperature and it doesn’t make any noise to ensure you’ll fully enjoy using it.

FILMATIC powered by DLP technology delivers a sharper, more crisp image with true FHD 1080p resolution. Take the cinema with you wherever you go. Just open the FILMATIC and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on up to 120 inches of picture size.

FILMATIC delivers a remarkably bright 200 ANSI-lumen image with its mini body. The FILMATIC projector also uses diffuse reflection technology, without a direct light source. This makes it easier on your eyes and prevents you from too much eye strain.

Equipped with auto focus and auto-keystone technology, the FILMATIC automatically adjusts the focus of the image and any distortions within +/- 40 degrees within a few seconds. It makes ceiling projections super easy.

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