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MOTION: Ultralight and Durable Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

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Ultra-lightweight and extremely robust carbon fiber composite bike

The bracket of the MOTION bike is made of carbon fiber material, which makes it very lightweight, only 22lbs. Most common carbon steel or aluminum profiles on the market are very heavy and prone to rust. Generally, the weight is above 40LBS. If it is an electric bike, it may be 60lbs or even heavier. The body design of MOTION carbon fiber bicycles that is extremely classic in style with clean and beautiful lines. The material is lightweight, but also resistant to impact and shock absorption. It is both a mountain bike and a bicycle suitable for urban use.

Stunning Impact Resistance

MOTION Carbon Fiber Bike is made uses an extremely robust thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material. The bracket is only 5.5IBS. This unique bike’s resistance to impact is just stunning: it’s 61 times stronger than Steel and 15 times stronger than Titanium! This is making the composite carbon fiber that MOTION is made from become more popular than ever because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and dramatically improved durability.

 All Terrain Tire Power 

MOTION Carbon Fiber Bike uses all-terrain tires and has strong grip. Whether it is uneven mountain roads or attractive beaches, it can easily ride on it. Including lawns, asphalt roads, asphalt roads, mountain roads, wooden bridges and other pavements.

Because you may be cruising the city streets as much as going downhill from an offroad rough mountain, the MOTION Carbon Fiber Bike is equipped with all-terrain tires that easy work at the beach, in the snow, or on a mountain. Compared with standard settings, the resistance can be reduced by 20 Grams as a system.A stable and wind-resistant bike that has an ultra-hard and durable yet flexible frame, ultra-light technology.

Shock Absorption Function

The bike’s 154Gpa Tensile Modulus and 2950Mpa Tensile Strength translate into a lighter yet much stronger frame. The root aluminum alloy Pneumatic Fork also joins the thermoplastic carbon fiber composite build to help deliver an impressive shock absorption and fast rebound with reduced vibrations.

Lightning Speed

Lighter also means faster, which is what made us design the MOTION Carbon Fiber Bike with an SRAM SX11 Speed Dial 1*11. Also, backer can upgrade to SRAM SX12 Speed. After all, this very special carbon fiber bike is stronger yet far lighter than aluminum. Its aerodynamic carbon fiber frame allows the bike to travel within 45 kilometers faster than “other light bikes in the same category” by 85 seconds!


You’ll like to know that the MOTION carbon fiber bike is equipped with the original ZOOM Long Letter to HB-870 Hydraulic Double Disc Brake. Yes, we double down on the unique quality of ZOOM equipment, this time to ensure the brake system is stellarly safe and reliable!

 In addition to the Carbon Fiber Bike of SRAM SX11 Speed, we can also upgrade to the Extreme Edition Chameleon Bike of SRAM SX12 Speed.

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