Mobi Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling 100 hr. Wireless Earbuds

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The First Full-Immersion Audio Experience from AI-Powered Hybrid ANC with 100-Hour Battery Life

Mobi is the first true wireless headphones to deliver full-frequency noise cancellation for a full-immersion audio experience. Mobi’s hybrid ANC technology features 3 separate feedback and feedforward microphones on each earbud to capture and cancel noise at any frequency. Mobi actually hears what you hear and uses AI to create the ideal listening experience based on your music, your environment, and your movements.

The result? Full immersion into your music, videos, calls, and more. No distraction. No distortion. No disruption. 

Combined with oversized speakers, an ultra-long battery, and IPX6 weatherproofing, Mobi can transform anywhere and everywhere into your own world of crystal-clear audio.

Mobi combines the most advanced ANC ever with massive drivers to bring you a new listening experience from true wireless audio. Full-frequency noise-cancelling and bigger sound make you feel like your music is all around you. Before, you could only get that from professional over-ear headphones. Now you can get it from Mobi.

And that’s not all you get: 

Mobi’s AI Powered Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is the newest and most advanced noise cancelling technology on the market.

Hybrid active noise cancellation combines feedforward and feedback microphones to capture a wider audio frequency, therefore cancelling more noise.

Mobi’s Hybrid ANC tech goes a step further. We have added an additional feedforward microphone on each earbud for a total of 3 mics per earbud. This doubles Mobi’s sensitivity to high and low frequencies and allows for more effective detection based on distance and movement.

Mobi cancels the broadest range of ambient frequency and totally immerses you into your music.

You won’t find any buttons on Mobi. Take total control of Mobi’s features with a few intuitive touch commands. With a tap on the right or left earbud, you can control your music, toggle between ANC modes, take calls, access Google or Siri, and a lot more. All without pulling out your phone or computer.

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