100W GaN Charger & 9-in-1 SSD Hub | Mac, Win, iOS, Android

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M.2 NGFF/NVMe SSD | 2.5Gb Ethernet | 100W GaN Fast Charging | 3C+1A @ 5Gbps | 4K 60Hz HDMI | UHS-II @ 430 MB/s | One Gadge Hub For All

100W GaN Charger & 9-in-1 SSD Hub | Mac, Win, iOS, Android - YouTube

Tangled cables, bulky power bricks, not enough charging ports, missing adapters, messy dongles…

Or forever-waiting for file transfer, lagging games, frozen pictures, insufficient storage…

We got tired of having the same problems. That’s why we created Gadge Hub.

World’s First GaN charger + SSD enclosure + 2.5Gb Ethernet + [email protected] HDMI + 3 Type-C + USB-A + SD card slot charging hub.

  • 2.5Gbps Ethernet To Speed Everything Up

Without any additional upgrade of your current setup, Gadge Hub is the simplest way to speed up your digital routines by 2.5 times. Faster Ethernet is perfect for video streaming, game streaming, cloud-based video editing, NAS data transferring, or to just enjoy an instant 2.5 times faster browsing experience.

  • Expand Device Storage W/ M.2 SSD Slot

With NGFF and NVMe SSD quick install design, you can free-up more storage space on your devices by adding an on-board SSD that goes with you everywhere and gives you access to a quicker and more stable data exchange. The Heat Sink Aluminum cap ensures efficient heat dissipation during use.

Gadge Hub provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your devices. Now with SSD, gaming, editing, and backup storage is possible with any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • The Latest Gallium Nitride GaN Technology

With the latest 100W Navitas GaN Fast IC support built-in, Gadge Hub automatically adjusts to the proper voltage for the fastest, most efficient charging for your devices.

  • Rapid Charging of 4 Devices Simultaneously

Supercharge your productivity with rapid-charging of four devices simultaneously without an extra charger. Gadge Hub is the ultimate charging solution for mobile devices that eliminates redundant chargers and cables and gets you powered up fast.

With three USB-C ports and one USB-A port powering 4 devices at the same time, it can support all your devices like MacBook Pro or external display monitors. No more power drains during power-intensive tasks.

Supports [email protected] HDMI display output to extend your workspace and entertainment center with a low-lag high-res experience.  It is your best working and gaming companion that improves your efficiency during multitasking, and supersizes gaming on multiple, larger screens.

Gadge Hub provides the simplest worldwide travel power solution with its universal 90V – 250V input voltage and built-in power brick. No more extra voltage transformers or bulky adapters needed during global business trips or leisure travel.

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