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Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

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Unique combination puzzle that tickles the mind, soothes the eye, and feels great in the hand. Solid aluminum made to last generations.

The Torshn Puzzle is a surprisingly difficult challenge and an alluring addition to your desk, shelf, or coffee table.

The objective is simple– align the colors to each other by sliding the marbles and twisting the halves. Solving the puzzle may initially seem straightforward, but you’ll quickly find that it’s trickier than it looks! 

The dichotomy between simplicity and complexity is what makes the Torshn Puzzle a special puzzle for people of all ages and backgrounds. While an 11-year-old may not have a fully developed brain, she does not have the hindering ego of a 30-year-old college grad. While the working adult may have the spatial awareness and problem solving skills to manipulate the puzzle more efficiently, they may not have the patience and perseverance of a retired grandma with time to kill. Everyone that has picked up the Torshn Puzzle thus far has had a completely different approach to solving it and unique challenges specific to their personality and skillset. 

Like the Rubik’s cube and the original orb puzzle, the Torshn Puzzle is complex enough to be fun after multiple solves. However, it is simple enough that it is approachable. You don’t need to discover or memorize a bunch of fancy algorithms to solve the Torshn Puzzle, but it sure does help if you do.

In a world that increasingly fills your mind with clutter, it’s important to take a step back and focus your energy into a single objective. The Torshn puzzle is a simple challenge yet requires your undivided attention. We’ve found that playing with the Torshn Puzzle allows us to reduce stress and increase our productivity in other aspects of life. It stimulates, yet eases our minds simultaneously.

The origins of puzzles go back as far as 2300 BC when Ancient Greeks and Egyptians developed and solved labyrinths. Since then, puzzles have grown and evolved into countless shapes and forms. However, the physical and mental benefits of puzzle solving remain all the same.

Puzzles exercise the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously. They’re a mental workout that improves problem-solving skills and attention span. Doing puzzles reinforces connections between brain cellsimproves mental speed, and is an especially effective way to improve short-term memory.  It’s no surprise that Bill Gates is an avid puzzler!

Being a three-dimensional challenge, the Torshn puzzle promotes the development of a wider perception to the process of problem solving. It requires spatial awareness and memory, as not all of the spheres are visible simultaneously. Playing with the puzzle develops finger-eye coordination and requires dexterity to reposition the spheres efficiently. Perhaps most important of all, patience and perseverance are also necessary because it’s trickier than it looks!

There are more than seven hundred thousand different possible ways for the colors to be arranged, and only 6 different combinations that leave the puzzle solved.

This journey began as a design exploration of the sphericon but quickly became a consuming pursuit to make the greatest puzzle that we could. We wanted to create a unique, forever lasting, and beautiful puzzle that anybody could enjoy and play with.

We know that design must embody purpose– that every aspect of a design must consciously add to its whole. We wanted to make something breathtaking but also ergonomic and simple.

After months of design, brainstorming, and prototyping, we landed on utilizing the continuous face of a sphericon as cavities for spheres to move along. This allows for extremely smooth and simple movement of the pieces, something that the Orb Puzzle lacked.

The dimensions of the Torshn Puzzle was a challenge to perfect. Larger cavities and spheres made the puzzle easier to work with, but created less visually harmonious proportions. Smaller cavities and more spheres were prettier and closer resembled the original Orb Puzzle, but resulted in a puzzle that was more difficult to solve and difficult to manipulate smoothly.

It took us a while to perfect the finish– we wanted something that was smooth to the touch and beautiful to look at under all lights. We tried brushed, coated, polished, but ultimately landed on anodized and finely sandblasted. We think that the result is breathtaking.

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