E-stand: The Future’s Laptop Stand

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Next Generation Ergonomic & Futuristic Bedside Laptop Stand

Introducing the E-stand, an Ergonomic & Futuristic Bedside Laptop Stand

The future of laptop and bedside stands is here with the dawn of the E-stand. The newest innovation in contemporary furniture in the modern era. Created with specifically handpicked materials from all over the world:

  • Santa Clara Marine Plywood from the Philippines
  • Rockler Sanding Sealer from the United States
  • Polyvine Dead Flat Finish Varnish from the United Kingdom

The E-stand is undoubtedly a uniquely different state-of-the-art furniture with ergonomic and futuristic features.

  • Elegantly Portable: Very attractive design and finish. Both the topmost table and its right and left legs are completely foldable, making it highly portable without taking much space.
  • Strengthened Adjusters: Highly Strengthened Angular Adjusters on each side can accommodate table movement for up to 90 degrees.
  • Wide Compatibility: Our specialized sizing measures ensure that any and all laptop models available today up to 18 inches can be mounted on it without problem or excess spacing.
  • Cool Design: Natural cooling and anti-dust spaces crafted at the bottom of the table makes it so that laptops never overheat. Soft but sturdy notches are also available on the flat-top to prevent things from rolling down when tilted.

(Please take note that all pictures show are still prototypes and not the final product)

Ordinary Plywood vs. Santa Clara Marine Plywood

The term “ply” in plywood was mostly used and duly called that way based on how sheet material was initially made in the past: by basically gluing together “plies” or rather very thin layers of normal wood veneer.

Santa Clara Marine Plywood, however, is made from higher grade veneer materials compared to the usual which are far heavier and extremely structurally sound than ordinary veneer. As such, this special material can only be manufactured using specifically sized plies of wood veneer with strictly identical thickness and soundness. Produced using special adhesives and coating with negligible occurrence of voids and core gaps, the Santa Clara Marine Plywood makes for a more resilient and greatly resistant material against moisture, weather or any other damage.

If you are looking for your next multi-utility desk, then the E-stand would be the best choice for you. Not only is it excellently designed and extremely flexible, it is by far the ultimate laptop accessory you can get for future-proofing use. You can now use your laptop in any position you desire using any posture you prefer the most.

Most importantly, the desk comes with specially crafted natural cooling streaks that keep your laptop from heating up while using it on its table-top without any extra use of fans or electricity. It’s also compatible with most, if not all models of laptops available today.

As a true marvel of nature-crafting, the E-stand’s angles and height can be freely adjusted according to your specific requirements, whether it be for work in the bed, playing video games with your back relaxed, or even for simply book-reading at night without needing to hold the actual book.

Heck, it can even be used for chess matches! Created to be a one-fits-all solution to the bedside stand arena, the E-stand’s angular and vertical adjustments, as well as it’s integrated cooler spaces allows for an unmatched, all-natural method of use and cooling. No more annoying additional wires! Nothing else is required to keep the E-stand fully functional, only you and your laptop. Lastly, its legs are completely foldable so you can easily carry it along with you anywhere you go.


These pictures were taken from our recent photoshoot in the Philippines in hopes of providing an early view of the concept in reality. This E-stand prototype is currently using a simple “lock-in” mechanism whereby you can easily unlock to move the desk up and down then lock the position in place based on your preference. However, the final E-stand product design will have a much simpler “click-on” mechanism at the bottom which was in our original plan from the beginning.

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