CORAL UV 2: All-Purpose UV Sanitizer With Dual Protection

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Sanitize, Filtrate, and Smart-Dry All-in-One. No Water, No Chemicals, No Mess, No Waste.

Offices, restaurants, grocery stores and gyms, have one thing in common: germs. They travel from one thing to another in a heart beat, just by opening doors, hanging onto the bus railing, working out at the gym, paying for coffee, and inevitably touching your belongings in between trips. Life gets busy and keeping your things clean 24/7 can be a pain.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the: Coral UV 2, the world’s first UV multitask device that sanitizes, filtrates, and smart-dries, all-in-one. In the last two years, we have listened to our backers and customers of generation one and from there we have been making improvements day by day.

Coral UV 2 is now reborn with an eco-friendly UV-C LED technology that brings a more powerful, smarter, and safer sanitation on your everyday items in your living and working spaces.

Most sanitizers on the market just sanitize, but Coral UV 2 does more than that. In order to eliminate the harmful contaminants completely, it is reinforced to provide dual layers of protection for you and your family.

With science backed UV-C LED technology, Coral UV 2 kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs in just 10 minutes! We use 12mw LED lights which are SIX times more powerful than other LED sanitizers on the market.

Coral UV 2 captures 99% of airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust and vapor, ensuring that only clean air enters the sanitizer. Most UV sanitizers on the market lack an optimal filtration system, exposing your belongings to harmful air pollutants and allergens.

Moisture is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Coral UV 2 features a function that dries washable items such as: baby bottles, CPAP masks, and toys. Our dryer ensures a safe temperature that reaches up to 140F/60C—dries perfectly without damaging your belongings.

 This feature operates separately from the ‘Sanitize Only’ function. You can sanitize only or sanitize and dry together. 

While most competitors test only 1 kind of bacteria, Coral UV 2 has been independently tested against multiple kinds of germs and proven by third party lab tests. Our 268 nm UV-C LED is also ozone free, safe and durable to operate at home or workspace.

Tired of not being able to clean all of your daily essentials in one cycle?  Coral UV 2’s increased interior chamber will save you time, energy and the work of running multiple cycles! For a size reference, it now fits up to 11 Perrier water bottles (330ml/11oz) or 12 Dr Brown’s bottles (8oz).

Coral UV 2 fits all purposes. It can be used to sanitize your daily carry-ons such as wallet, keys, phone, mask, and this list goes on. It can also sanitize and dry washable items at the same time, such as baby bottles, shakers, cosmetic tools, utensils and more. 

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