FORME – the modern-day supplement shaker

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FORME’s functionality and design aligns the shaker with the rest of today’s fitness landscape


FORME is the shaker solution the world has been waiting for. It took us over a year to perfect, but we finally managed to create a shaker that won’t leak or smell, is easy to clean, has a silent shaker mechanism, a hidden storage container, a concealed drinking lip, regulates the temperature of the contents, and looks like it belongs in today’s fitness world. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

FORME is a supplement shaker worthy of a place in your gym bag, on your desk and across your Instagram feed. Its sleek and smart design seeks to normalise supplement consumption, so that everyone can lead an optimal healthy lifestyle without judgement. Finally, a shaker for all supplement consumers.

Odours are caused by harmful bacteria sticking to the inside of your shaker, which gets even worse when it heats up. FORME’s kitchen grade stainless steel body has rounded edges inside so that it is easy to clean and there’s nowhere for powder to hide. The double walled, vacuum insulated body also regulates the temperature inside so that the contents stay colder for much longer than plastic shakers, meaning that it won’t get sweaty, smelly and end up in the bin after just a few uses.

The vacuum sealed, double wall insulated body keeps liquids cold for 12 hours and hot for 8 hours.

Volume markings (ml + oz) on the inside make it easy to get your ratios spot on.

The 500ml capacity means you can stay hydrated throughout the day and mix your supplements with ease.

Gone are the days when you needed to carry an individual water bottle, coffee mug, and shaker. The solution is here.

We’ve all become used to shakers that function badly and look even worse. Traditional, macho shakers may have appealed to the gym go-er of old, but we wanted to create something that fitted into the current fitness landscape and resonated with supplement users of today.

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