QuietOn 3 – The smallest ANC earbuds for sleeping

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Sleep in silence with revolutionary Noise Cancelling technology. No noise masking or extra sounds.

The feeling of waking up in the morning well-rested, feeling ready and excited for the tasks of the day ahead is beyond compare. Often, however, it is thoughts that just won’t let go of us, the surrounding traffic noise, or the snoring partner which seem to make it impossible to find the way to the long-awaited night’s rest. 

Don’t you wish you could just switch off and find peace and quiet in such situations? Well-rested means healthy, focused and ready for the day. All this with a tiny, comfortable next level Active Noise-Cancelling.

Make a decision for better sleep, a fabulous start into the day and a healthier life. Finally, after a refreshing night you can look at yourself in the mirror, smile and see the absence of dark eyeshades, feel ready for the daily tasks and be confident that the next night’s sleep is going to be just as tranquil as the previous one. Let us introduce you to a very special, extra tiny and super comfortable solution – QuietOn 3.  

The oasis of tranquility is achieved through QuietOn’s top-notch Active Noise Cancelling technology: First, the noise coming to your ear is sampled and then attenuated with opposing soundwaves, resulting in a calming quietness. In this context, no additional sound is audible that masks the original sound, allowing you to enjoy pleasant and soothing quietude instead.

The noise reduction capabilities of QuietOn 3 excel particularly in the range of low frequencies, when compared to foam earplugs. This is clearly shown in the graph below.

Note the deep dive within the 200-500Hz area. In this range, where the loudest part of the snoring is usually expected to happen, QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling doubles the noise reduction.

The performance of QuietOn 3 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds compared to that of conventional foam earplugs is visualized in the graph below. 

So, put those foam earplugs aside, QuietOn 3 in your ear, and sleep calmly next to your loved one once again – this might prevent the one or other relationship quarrel about a shared bed(room).

What especially sets QuietOn 3 apart from the other devices out there is the size – yes, in your ear it does matter! These earbuds are the world’s smallest ANC devices. They are designed to take you to a Nordic oasis of tranquility even in the most difficult noise circumstances. Ergonomically designed so you won’t even notice them, you’ll sleep away like a proverbial princess or prince or whoever you want to be! 

QuietOn 3 is designed for perfection: 

QuietOn 3 excels with its market-leading noise cancelling performance, smallest possible size and best fit for the ear anatomy.

The outstanding nature of the world’s smallest Active Noise Cancelling earbuds does not end there: Our design team has spent countless hours to perfect the device, such as the user experience, the design and performance.

The product is removed from the charging box and can be used immediately. No buttons or set up needed. When you put them back inside the case, the charging happens automatically.

Given their long battery life, the earbuds can be used without having to worry about recharging – or waking up at night unexpectedly to your partner’s snoring. Just remember to charge the case battery once per week.

Since its early days, the inspiration for QuietOn has lied in a tranquil Nordic soundscape both technically and aesthetically. The design and materials are made without compromises, aiming to provide the feeling of quietude and tranquility to everyone in need. To ensure the best possible user experience, as well as to indicate the battery life when the charging case is opened or closed, we are using real stainless steel and embedding light guides. This and other features are fine-tuned details to give QuietOn 3 the luxury look and feeling it deserves.

All the technical solutions including batteries, electronics and mechanics are made to last. This is achieved by great design work as well as outstanding quality control in the manufacturing, such as tight audio and battery tests.

For a normal sized adult’s outer ear, the shell of the earbud typically fits inside the concha, between the crus of helix and the antitragus. Because of this position and the slimness of the earbud, side sleepers don’t feel the pressure.

Another important feature is how the shape of QuietOn 3 is designed to reach the ear canal without stretching the tragus.

The width of the ear canal varies from person to person. Given that QuietOn 3 comes with four different sizes of foam tips, it is ensured that the device fits best into different sized ear canals.

Say YES to quiet nights and waking up refreshed in the mornings. Enjoy sweet dreams at night with QuietOn 3 and see the sunny sides of life during the day.

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