Optimo: Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

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Make massive upper body gains while reducing injury, pain & discomfort with these 2.25″ wing grips.

Reach muscular greatness with Optimo Thick Grips—the 2.25” silicone grips that use an anatomical design to take you to the zenith of your physical potential. The supportive wings relieve pressure on your wrists and joints while increasing your grip strength.

Transform everyday barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments and plate-loaded machines into kinesthetic thick bars that force you to use neglected muscles and create deep definition.

Optimo Thick Grips’ contoured shape supports your grip unlike any other product. 

The anatomical wing grip gives you increased surface area for weight distribution, reducing strain on your joints and enabling you to lift more with less discomfort.

When lifting weights, your hands support a lot of weight on the bars, placing high pressure on a relatively small grip area. In many cases, this causes irritation by pinching the extremely sensitive ulnar nerve that runs near the base of the palm by the pinky. When you increase weight, the sensation only gets worse. But not anymore.

With Optimo Thick Grips, your hands stay neutral with the supportive wing cushions so you avoid imbalances and decrease strain on your fingers, wrists, elbows, and even shoulder joints!

Work out harder, not longer. 

These 2.25” grips send your muscles into overdrive by increasing the demand on your hands and arms to give you higher quality reps. It’s the fastest and easiest way to increase strength and muscle mass while reducing discomfort when lifting.

To get the same control that you’re used to on a thicker bar, you need to grip a lot harder. This additional force on your muscles targets your weak links that standard bars neglect.

Optimo Thick Grips force your muscles to engage stronger than when you do the same exercise with a standard bar, effectively “turning on” the surrounding muscles.

It’s all due to Sherrington’s Law of Irradiation.

Experience it for yourself with instruction from Russian Fitness Trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline:

“Make a tight fist. Where do you feel the tension? Your forearm and biceps, right? Even tighter! White knuckles! Do you feel your shoulder and even chest flexing too? In reality, when the demand for force increases, other muscles jump in on the action. […] Not by cheating, as some complement their barbell curls with a back swing, but by ‘cheering’.”

Often grip and forearm strength are neglected, leading to an early top out point. When you increase the thickness of a weight-training implement, the demand placed on your hands and arms increases significantly.

By working harder to grip the bar in the same exercises, you blast muscles that you typically overlook and consequently gain maximum, long-term strength. That’s why you can’t lift as much as you usually do when you start using Thick Grips—you’re finally engaging muscles that are smaller and weaker.

Those finer, hard-to-engage muscles have no choice but to climb on board as you experience, tricep dips, bench presses and more for the first time.

Optimo Grips are made of High Density Silicone, the toughest, impact-resistant silicone developed exclusively for Optimo.

The UV-resistant material has no fillers and uses medical-grade white oil as the only plasticizer to meet the highest purity standards.

Optimo Thick Grips were designed to fit the most common gym and home gym equipment. Their inside diameter is 1.1 inches (28 mm).

Most commonly, the grips can be used on barbells, dumbbells, plate loaded machines and cable attachments. They will not work on equipment with curved handles.

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