ROIDMI X20S – Self Cleaning Mop & Vacuum 2 in 1

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Self-Cleaning Smart Mop | 25kpa Suction Force | Deeper Cleaning than ever before, release your hands

Compare to previous models of vacuum and mop 2-in-1 cleaner,a separate mop head is newly added and it’s no longer just a small accessory that attached to the vacuum head. The three-level drip adjustment makes it easier to tackle various types of stains on the ground.

ROIDMI X20S uses the standard mode to clean the liquid on the floor like milk, sauce, etc, and wet mode for footprint or thicker liquid. If you simply want to dry the floor, just use the dry mode to mop. Easy peasy!

with the 240ml water tank, X20S will help you to mop your house totally at one time. With a mop speed of up to 200rpm in one swift motion, it removes all the stains on the floor effectively and efficiently.

Powered by a 138W suction power and 120,000 rpm brushless DC motor, the Roidmi X20S generates strong suction power. It’s engineered to capture ingrained dirt and mess from carpets, crevices on the floor, and even mattresses. The digital motor generates up to 25KPa centrifugal air pressure, effectively removes the dust on the ground.  

With the unique dual-spin mop head, in addition to deeply dust and scrub floors, it also gathers the debris to the middle and vacuum at the same time. The surface is perfectly clean and absolutely no trace of the stain is left.

ROIDMI X20S is equipped with a separate mopping head and a self-cleaning base station. Simply put the mop head on the base station and press the self-cleaning button. The inward rotation of the mop head drives the fan in the base station to rotate in order to inject the water into the mop at the same time, and the scraper on the base station will easily scrape off the dirt on the mop. After scraping, reverse the mop head outwards to remove water from the mop. The entire cleaning process is simple, safe, and noise-free.

It only takes about 25 seconds to complete the cleaning and dry the mop automatically. Just like brand new.

What ROIDMI X20S could vacuum?

What ROIDMI X20S could mop?

X20S is available for all surfaces. (please note that only the vacuum head can be used on the carpet)

With these accessories, you could deal with all the corners of your house! 

The 6-layer filter system can filter all air particles and impurities easily, whether it is large air particles or dust, all will be trapped in the bin. Freshens the air every time you vacuum.

Detachable 8 units of 2500mA lithium battery, X20S will run for up to 65 minutes on vacuuming, or for up to 120 minutes on mopping. You can clean the whole house on a single charge. Don’t need to worry about running out of power anymore!

With the most advanced wireless charging technology, easily place the X20S vacuum into the wall charging dock and fully charge the battery within 2.5 hours.

With its super lightweight design of 2.5kg, even a child could use it easily.


you can connect to the ROIDMI app which Intelligently shows real-time reporting on battery power level, filter replacement, and dust cup full reminder, etc. Giving you better control of your clean.



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