TRANSFAST – Universal Compatibility Portable SSD

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Up to 2TB Capacity | Up to 550MB/s read & write speed | 0.8oz Lightweight | Supports your Mac, PC, Smartphone, Tablet, DSLR and more

Designed with portability, speed, storage, durability, and as a cloud storage subscription-killer, TRANSFAST is poised to be the future of data-storage. With as much as 2TB of internal storage, TRANSFAST gives you a way to store and carry practically all your data around with you, right in your pocket. 

TRANSFAST is powered by USB 3.1 Gen 2. This next-generation universal connectivity solution allows TRANSFAST to hit stable read and write speeds of up to 550MB/s, which is 30x faster than your typical USB flash drive.

With that much storage, comes a pretty major responsibility – transfer speed. Luckily, TRANSFAST boasts read/write speeds as high as 550MB/s, allowing you to transfer 8K videos in mere minutes.

TRANSFAST can quickly backup a large number of multimedia files so you spend less timewaiting. 20GB sized video footage will only take about 42 seconds.

From your DSLR to your drone, and from your laptop to your phone, you’ll be able to connect it to everything. This will finally allow you to seamlessly back-up, restore, and transfer files between the all of devices around us.

Even external storage for your PS5 or Nintendo Switch is now an option; you could be running games off the TRANSFAST with absolutely no lag!

TRANSFAST does all this while also being more affordable and safer than cloud storage. Unlike subscription-based business models of a cloud drive, all your data exists offline on the SSD, which means you can access your files without an internet connection, making you safe from data-breaches and hackers.

Its durable design and high impact aluminium exterior makes TRANSFAST virtually indestructible.

The heat generated during high capacity usage can be spread evenly to its surface, as TRANSFAST is individually crafted from Anodized Aluminum using CNC machines for rigid durability to ensure that the TRANSFAST delivers superior endurance and stability.

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