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Real-time Support | Auto-adjustments | Custom Size | Auto-tighten | Never Fall-off

E-Knee is the partner to a good life. It detects, thinks, and even reacts. But most importantly, its size is customizable.

E-Knee’s built-in gyroscope can detect your motions in real-time. Its ARM chip carries out accurate processing and reasonable commands. Its airbag system inflates and deflates to support your knee accordingly.

E-Knee’s goal is simple: to be the absolute best knee pad on the market. This means top-notch performance, design, and technology, all at a price every family can afford.

It is never too over-supportive to improve your daily movements or physical activities with an optimal fit knee pad. E-Knee provides the maximum support and comfort out of all other existing knee pads without manual effortSay goodbye to endless ties, pull-ups, and readjustments by just one button click. E-Knee, the intelligent knee pad custom for everyone.

Once the gyroscope detects your motion status, the built-in ARM chip will command micro compressors to pressurize airbags based on different levels of pressure and motion status, all in real-time. In this way, E-Knee with intelligence offers seamless knee support at any time.

The auto-adjustment comes loaded with three sports modes: rest such as when sitting down, low-intensity exercises such as jogging, and high-intensity exercises such as playing basketball.

Once the gyroscope detects sports mode change within 3 seconds, E-Knee will inflate or deflate airbags accordingly for instant adjustment

E-Knee will be perfectly customized to your own size. If you ever had the headache of finding knee pads that fit exactly right, E-Knee will modify that for you.

Unlike other existing knee pads in the market, E-Knee is built to be yours. Get the right fit, anytime, anywhere. 

The breakthrough auto-tighten system will adjust to the measurements of your knees automatically. It solves the common problems of either too loose or too tight of most existing knee pads. E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for future adjustments. When the gyroscope detects any measurement change in the leg, airbags will be pressurized to form the most suitable tightness automatically.

If the battery runs out while you are wearing them, your knee pads will still be untightened so you never get stuck.

Combined with the features of auto-tightness and custom size, E-Knee will never fall off no matter what activities you are doing. Running, working out, hiking, basketball, tennis…… You name it!

Say goodbye to those knee pads that slip off easily. E-Knee will always be there for you. 

The 35-hour battery life when fully charged enables it to provide top-notch support for a weekend outdoors or normal daily usage for 2-3 days. The 28 – 35 hrs battery life can always fulfill your different needs and schedules.

Measuring Instruction:

Bend your knees slightly, measure the circumference of the:

1. Thigh (7 in/ 18cm above the knee)

2. Calf (5 in/ 13cm below the knee)

3. Tell us by the survey that we will provide to you by the end of campaign and you wil be all set! 

The single package includes 1 knee pad with a control box, 1 magnetic USB-A charging cable, 1 carry pouch, and 1 user manual.

E-Knee Special Wireless Charger is an add-on product for extra purchase. And it works for any compatible devices (cellphones, AirPods..).

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