Vision Plus and Rio Plus: prioritize your eyes

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Water-propelled eye massagers to help revitalize eyes, relieve discomfort and promote better sleep

Vision Plus and Rio Plus are the world’s first water-propelled eye massagers that refresh and recharge your eyes. With a simple touch of a button, you can select your temperature range and massage mode to reduce eye strain and discomfort and promote better sleep.

After creating and delivering the original designs of Aurai to previous backers, we took their feedback and went back to the drawing board to improve our products. Vision Plus and Rio Plus now feature a type-C charging port that is more reliable and stronger silicone to prevent breakage. We can’t wait for you to experience this new level of relaxation.

Our eyes are suffering — artificial lighting, blue light devices, daily stress, lack of sleep, and even allergies can all have a negative impact on our eyes. 

Did you know that water-propelled eye massagers are more moisturizing and soothing than air-powered or infrared eye massagers, and gentler on the skin? 

That’s why we created Vision Plus and Rio Plus — the world’s first water-propelled eye massagers that maximize the benefits of water-powered massages to help revitalize your eyes like never before. 

Both Vision Plus and Rio Plus can be used as a warm compress to help soothe sore eyes, help relieve eye fatigue and eye strain, and work as a sleep aid. Vision Plus can also be used as a cool compress to help relieve itchy eyes, puffy eyes, red eyes, and swollen eyes. 

Experience a new level of relaxation with Vision Plus. 

  • Vision Plus offers 28 total modes to meet all of your needs, including seven scenario modes and four massage vibration modes  
  • Warm compresses (up to 113℉) help soothe sore eyes, eye fatigue, eye strain and works as a sleep aid
  • Cool compresses (down to 64℉) to help relieve itchy, puffy eyes, red eyes, and swollen eyes
  • Convenient water window lets you know when it’s time to refill

Refresh and recharge on the go with Rio Plus.

  • Travel-friendly design that’s slimmer and lighter than Vision Plus
  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to relax anywhere, anytime
  • Three unique massage vibration modes to enjoy
  • Dual-warm temperatures quickly heat up in just 60 seconds

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