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Wrist-type blood pressure monitor| 24hr tracking with oscillometric tech| FDA&CE approved accuracy

Despite hypertension being identified as a leading risk factor for stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and even dementia, it can be difficult for those with hypertension to constantly monitor their blood pressure, and carrying a sphygmomanometer is just not practical. Because of this, wearable blood pressure monitoring devices have become a trend.

Based on this trend, we developed a smartwatch-like blood pressure monitor utilizing self-initiated automatic oscillometric technology that allows you to measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. After five different prototypes, we finally bring you the completed BP Trace – a blood pressure smartwatch with a patented inflatable cuff design, powerful internal algorithm, and high accuracy sensor. This device will make tracking and managing your personal health easier than ever before.

As one of the pioneering devices in the smart health device industry, BP Trace has been certified for its data accuracy by both the FDA and Medical CE. The inflatable cuff design and oscillatory technology used in BP Trace has multiple international patents as well.

In the following video, we demonstrated how to use BP Trace to check your blood pressure. We also e made a few comparisons with a traditional oscillometric monitor like those used in clinics and hospitals. Below are screenshots of the blood pressure readings from the video.

In the first test, we completed a resting blood pressure reading with both a BP Trace and a traditional device. When we compared the results of the two devices, they were almost identical. The close-ups below show that the two results varied only slightly. (Please note that a deviation of up to 5 mmHg is still considered medically acceptable).

The second test was done to compare the accuracy of a dynamic blood pressure reading. The tester did some light physical activity before measuring his blood pressure a second time. The results showed a small fluctuation in his heart rate and blood pressure but were overall still very accurate.

For both active and resting measurements, BP Trace can measure blood pressure and heart rate accurately. However, we truly believe this product has the potential to become even more accurate., We will continue to do rigorous testing and further improve the product, and we guarantee to deliver a completely standardized final product by the final release.

Being diagnosed with hypertension is usually based on multiple blood pressure readings over time, and only severe cases receive immediate drug treatment. To aid in the diagnosis, management, and estimate of risk in patients with hypertension, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is becoming a necessity. However, this type of constant observation is almost impossible outside of a healthcare facility and can be quite intrusive and inconvenient.

BP Trace is the solution to this problem. This 24-hour active monitor is wearable, auto-sampling, and fully persistent. Simply put it on your wrist, and let the self-initiated automatic oscillometric cuff check your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the day. With BP Trace, you can easily obtain useful information including:

  1. 24-hour average blood pressure
  2. Average daytime blood pressure
  3. Average nighttime blood pressure
  4. Calculated percentage drop in blood pressure at night

The long-lasting battery life allows BP Trace to run its tracking program throughout the day and provides you with medication reminders and warnings for abnormal readings. By observing weekly trends, this device can help you make progress with your health management and help consolidate all the information necessary for a new diagnosis.

BlooBlood pressure can change dramatically from morning to night, and while you sleep. It’s important to keep track of these fluctuations, and BP Trace continues to monitor your blood pressure even during the night without disturbing your sleep.

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