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An incredible, connected chess board with a built-in chess instructor that lights up all possible moves according to strength.

Imagine learning how to play chess from the best chess engine in the world. Picture sharpening and fine-tuning from the grandest of chess masters. Envision getting so good you can school your chess-enthusiast neighbor (take that, Phil).  

Now you can.

ChessUp is your chess coach, analyst and fierce opponent all rolled into one. 

ChessUp allows for live training and analysis. In other words, learn as you play.

When you touch a piece, potential moves are highlighted in up to 3 different colors, each representing the quality of the move.

Sharpen your skills by playing against the board’s proprietary AI using adaptive training. As you level up, the computer gets tougher, but so does your built-in AI coach. So you can practice strategy and memorize different scenarios.

Connect with opponents online with instant matchmaking. ChessUp’s app matches you with people in your skill level so every game is fair, fun and challenging. Or play a ranked game, where the assist will be disabled… obviously.

ChessUp integrates with– home to millions of chess players worldwide of all skill levels.

Grab a friend and show off your skills. You can both play with assistance turned on, or leave it off if you really want a challenge.

Challenge a friend to a game of blitz chess without having to worry about dealing with a timer. The ChessUp app recognizes when you’ve put down a piece and automatically ticks the timer for you. You just need to focus on crushing your opponent.

Made a move but don’t fully understand why it was good, bad or excellent? Press the “learn” button in the app to learn more about your moves and the strategy behind them.

Want to see how a move you make will play out? The “learn” button can tell you that, too.

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