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A super packable face mask you’ll never forget

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Gravel here with our fifth Kickstarter campaign! We’re passionate about designing products that become trusty companions.

We’re building an ecosystem of adventure products that work together. This time we’ve created something that you’ll be pumped to have on you every time you get out the door.

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Introducing the Re:Pack Face Mask

How many masks do you own…1, 10, a box of 100? We asked ourselves, “‘Selves, what good are all these masks if we just forget to bring one?”

We’re sick of having to turn the car around to go grab a mask. Or showing up somewhere that doesn’t have a free one at the front. We designed this mask early last year thinking everyone would do this…it turns out nobody has.

Attach your mask to anything so you always have it. Connect it to your car keys, wallet, sling bag, etc…what do you not leave the house without? Attach it to that!

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Masks Come In 3 Packs w/One Keychain Case

We’ve intentionally made each mask look simple & clean but there is a ton happening with the fabric & design.

Keychain Case

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The little tough case is what sets our mask apart from the rest. Keep your mask sanitary & stop worrying if you brought your mask or not. Masks currently don’t have a great designated home base…your pocket? Catch all? Glove compartment? Junk drawer? 

Made from our signature QuarryPoly – the case is scratch resistant, water repellant, super lightweight…and it just looks and feels great to touch.

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Velcro to quickly open & close. Elastic under the velcro so it’s just as easy to put back in as it was to take out.

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Want more cases? You can add as many as you’d like in an add-on menu we’ll send you via BackerKit survey after the campaign ends.  😀


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Super soft, adjustable, & lightweight making it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. 

We especially love two main things:

1.  The mask fold out flaps make it rest on your nose and chin. This design makes the mask sit a little bit off your face so you aren’t inhaling it all the time.

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2. The adjustable ear loops. Adjust the sizing to hold the mask tight to your face so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off your nose as you wear it. It also eliminates the mask from sliding off your face as you talk.

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Mask fit is one of the most important elements & with the adjustable loops no matter your face size – the mask is going to fit perfect. 

Breathable & dries quickly.

They’re machine washable. Just toss them in with your dirty laundry.

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Technical Details:

Mask Fabric 95% polyester 5% spandex

Mask Layers 1 layer & filter compatible

Mask Ear Loops elastic

Keychain Case Fabrics QuarryPoly, velcro,  & elastic

Keychain Case Sizing 2″ x 2.75″

Mask Sizing (flaps folded) 7″ x 3.5″

Mask Sizing (unfolded)  7″ x 6.75″


Mask: 0.4 oz

Carrying Case: 0.2 oz

Together:  0.6 oz

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