Runmecy: The Most Compact Laser Engraver & Cutter

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Enjoy endless versatility and creativity on any surface included the metal with a powerful 5w laser.

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Meet the Runmecy

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It’s time you experienced the most advanced and cutting-edge fabrication tool to ever be made. The Runmecy is a laser engraver and cutter that bundles more power, speed, and safety into a sleek and compact design than any other engraver. It gives you the room you need to get creative on any project, whether it’s art, business, or just making something fun.

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Empowers Your Metal Engraving

Unleash your creativity onto any metal. Whether you want to engrave a flask for a friend, a plaque for a trophy, or a piece of art to hang up, the powerful laser housed in the Runmecy is up for the task.

We’ve pushed laser technology forward by compressing the previous 5w laser from 0.2mm in diameter to 0.08mm, allowing our 5W semiconductor laser to engrave most metal surfaces.

The Cutting Edge of Laser Engraving Tech

The Runmecy is at the cutting edge of laser engraving tech. Built with a 5W German-engineered OSRAM laser chip, efficient heat dissipation, and finely tuned precision glass lens, its powerful laser is built to help you unleash your creativity on any surface.

Thanks to our advances, the Runmecy can cut through thick wood (up to 1.5mm). It’s guaranteed to get every engraving cut, on the first cut. 

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Limitless Choice For Engraving

The Runmecy can engrave on almost everything you could think of. Stainless steel, anodized aluminum alloy, iron, glass, ceramic, wood, bamboo, paper, acrylic, leather, stone, cement, or fruit (just to name a few). Let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

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Edit On The Fly

We made it simple to edit your designs on the fly throughout the app. We’ve included every useful tool and customization option to let your engraving creativity flow.

Enjoy everything from:

  • Original cutting puzzle material library
  • Black and white contrast ratio adjustment
  • Gray image adjustment
  • Reverse color
  • Type in characters
  • Mask and erase functions
  • Outline mode
  • And so much more!

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Support JPG,BMP(24bit),TIFF,PNG(32bit and below),PCX(8bit & 24bit),PCD,type characters in the App

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Connect Across Devices

To start engraving just connect your Runmecy to your computer or smartphone! Connect via Bluetooth or cable, and then select your design in the app to start engraving. 

Use Bluetooth to connect your phone and use the app to edit designs from the palm of your hand.

Connect via USB to your Windows or Mac computer and edit your designs through our easy-to-use software. Transform your images into creative designs you can engrave. 

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At The Cutting Edge

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How We Improved From Our First-Gen Models

  • Laser Module: The 5W laser module uses Japan’s Nichia 440nm 5000mW laser diode. The target spot is compressed by a special process to make the spot size a square of up to 0.08mm. And the engraving pattern is way more delicate and clearer, with more focused power, and a stronger engraving ability, allowing it to engrave glossy metal.
  • Software: A new dedicated app was created for the new 5-watt model. The download path and the software auto recognize your device. And if you have a 1.6-watt and a 5-watt running at the same time, it won’t conflict with their operation on the same app. The working frame of the 5-watt model is appropriately reduced.
  • Structure: The main structure has not changed, because the actual verification of the first generation provided a stable structure. It was only optimized in the structure of the laser module to create stronger accuracy.
  • Appearance: The color and surface treatment process have been changed to make the product more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.
  • Working hours: Increased to 1.5 hours of continuous work without interruption.

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Fast Engraving

The Runmecy’s rapid engraving mode is 3-5 times faster than print engraving. It’s perfect for more casual designs that don’t need a lot of finesse (sketches, signatures, and pictures with more complex images and thin lines won’t be able to be engraved fast).

Fast engraving uses a point-to-point method (optimized by our advanced algorithm) to reduce motor operation in blank areas, effectively increasing engraving speed. It adopts a CNC working mode, where each step is an effective stroke doubling the overall engraving speed.

Clear and Stable

Enjoy clear designs and images as our engraver outputs at a resolution of 508 DPI or 0.05 mm. That means every design will have a clear focus and resolution when being engraved. 

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Small and Easy to Carry

Small, foldable, powerful, and easy to carry anywhere. Runmecy gives you smart portability so you can always keep your engraver handy. 

Manual Focus

Go deeper or get better engravings with manual focus. The best engraving distance is 3-5cm. And manually rotating the focal length lets you control the accuracy of the blue light laser and get the best position.

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Protective Shields

There are protective shields to keep the laser contained when the engraver is on. 

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Big or Small, You Can Engrave On It

With a baseless design, the Runmecy can engrave objects of any size (as long as they are horizontally stable under the laser).

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Made To Last

The Runmecy is made to work hard and keep working hard. 

It can run continuously for 90 minutes. And if the laser becomes overheated, its power output will reduce slightly until it can shut down and cool off. You can keep engraving as Runmecy can continue running at 80% power and below without stopping the process.

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Tech Specs

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Runmecy has registered with the FDA (Accession Number: 2120061-000). Runmecy is a Class 2 Laser product with CE, FCC, and other certifications. This means we are experts in laser requirements.

What You’ll Get

We offer standard outlets used in the region of your choice, including the UK, UE, US.

We will work hard to match you with the standard plug of your corresponding region based on the delivery address you provide.

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