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The Buccaneer Skillet: Finally solves all cast iron issues

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Posted By Bernard D

Forget hand burning or heavy lifting. With our crowd we’ve designed an everyday pan that lasts a lifetime.

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Hi Crowd, after 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns we’re back. At your request Crowd Cookware proudly presents:

What if you could cook with rock-solid cast iron without heavy lifting or burning your hands, on any heat source? The Buccaneer is a carefully designed, lightweight cast iron pan for everyday use. Equipped with our redesigned honeycomb pattern for the perfect non-stick cooking experience, and a handle that remains cool whatever your heat source. All for a fair price.

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Just as strong as traditional cast iron, but 50% lighter thanks to the pressed casting innovation technique. The Buccaneer is produced through pressed casting, allowing more pressure compared to traditional sand casting. 

This ensures thinner walls and 50% less weight than a traditional cast iron skillet without compromising on performance.

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Our honeycomb pattern ensures better substance distribution, which enlarges the cooking area, even with a little oil or butter. This creates the perfect non-stick cooking experience, as well as our famous Crowd Cookware stamp.

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Due to its weight, the pan is easy to hold and perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re a meat lover, a fulltime vegetarian or just love all food, you can cook the most delicious dishes in your Buccaneer. Bonus? Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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