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Kichware – Your versatile & eco-friendly baking pan

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Sturdy and heat-proof handles| Easy to clean

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When it comes to making meals for the family, baking pans are one of the must-haves in the kitchen. From prepping meals to roasting vegetables, a good bakeware is essential for an effective and efficient cooking experience. As there are many types of baking pans in the market, some of them can be messy deal with, and sometimes,the edges of the pan mayburn your fingers when taking the pan out.

Thankfully, there a better way now.

Redefine Your Cooking Experience

Introducing Kichware, a safe and innovative non-stick silicon pan with handles for your oven bakes. You could divide your ingredients into several portions and bake them accordingly. Our 100% food-grade silicone is safe to use in the microware, dishwasher, refrigerator and oven. Our high quality material could also withstand temperature from -20 to 470 degrees.

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Quick and Safe to Grip

When using conventional baking pan, removing them out of the oven is usually tricky as you might burned yourself. Kichware comes with heat-resistant silicone handles so you don’t need to use oven mitts or cloth to take it out. Removing baked goods out of the oven is more convenient and safe with Kichware

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Sturdy Handles

Need a hand? Kichwarecomes with specially designed handles that protects the fingers from touching the food. The 5CM tall handles lets you lift your food out of the oven easily.

No Fuss, No Mess

We know scrubbing and cleaning is always the hardest part after cooking. Since our silicone bakeware is naturally non-stick and dishwasher friendly, cleaning is much easier than ever before.

Product Specification

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About Kichware 

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