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TopWork: The Best Workstation to Improve Your WFH Experience

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Posted By Bernard D

11 ports USB-C hub, wireless charger, laptop stand designed in one. Create a workspace that is more comfortable and efficient anywhere.

TopWork is the world’s first workstation that combines an adjustable laptop stand, 11-port USB hub, and Qi wireless charger altogether, so you can expand peripherals, charge devices, and transfer data all at once while having a perfectly organized desk and comfortable posture. Keep all of your gadgets plugged into Topwork, and then just use its built-in Type-C cable to hook up your laptop or tablet. This allows you to switch your whole desk setup from one laptop to another by just moving one cable. Not only saves your money but TopWork also greatly enhances your work efficiency. TopWork, your wonderful work companion and a must-have for work from home!

TopWork is equipped with 11 desirable ports that all transfer data at full speed and hook up an ideal range of peripherals in a sturdily built. It can connect to your monitor, power, drive, mobile devices and much more all at once, such as mouse, keyboard, memory cards, table printer, projector, etc.

The Type-C port supports both PD-100W blazingly fast speed charging and data transfer up to 5Gbps. You will never encounter power drain in your work time.

Not only does TopWork raise your monitor to exactly the right height for video conferences or movies, it also features a 3.5mm audio jack for wired listening and optimal audio quality to improve your entertaining experience.

Ports of HDMI @ 4K and VGA @ 1080P can be used simultaneously to expand 2 extra different display screens, which is very good news especially for programmers, designers and photo/video editors. Additional monitors definitely mean improved work efficiency while multi-tasking.

No massive dongles, chargers, cables, and laptop stand needed. All you need is an all-in-1 workstation. TopWork brings you back to minimalism.

The built-in Type-C cable can be fixed on the slots under the bottom side of the base for neat storage.

There are 4 adjustable angles that can fit your need. TopWork gives you a healthy work posture. With that, you can not only improve the work efficiency, but also say goodbye to the sore neck, back pain, and other “computer pains”.

If you often go from the desk to a couch or the bed and around and around, you may find TopWork very comfortable and convenient. Using TopWork as a lap desk helps you work on the bed and the sofa at a healthy posture for a long time without the overheat burning your laps.

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