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HeimVision Assure B1: 2K Ultra HD Camera

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Posted By Bernard D

Smart Home Hub | Two-Way Audio | 130° FoV | Voice Assistant | Weatherproof IP65 | Starting at $79

When was the last time you looked for a smart home hub and could find all the features you wanted in one device? And for an unbelievable price. Presenting the HeimVision Assure B1—an all-in-one smart home security hub that comes with useful features such as two-way audio, 130° FoV, five-minute setup, and more.

HeimVision Assure B1 is designed to cover every corner of your home. You can connect up to 4 wireless cameras to 1 base station to monitor large spaces. With 2K Full HD resolution and a 130-degree field of view, nothing escapes this smart home camera. Plus, designed with a smart PIR sensor, it can identify any presence, and the human-figure detection reduces false alerts to save standby time.

Additionally, the security camera also boasts a minimal and stylish design that can easily blend with any modern home decor.

You can easily detect any suspicious activity around your compounds with the spotlight focused night vision skills of this camera. It can automatically detect motions and will light up if required, in case of an emergency.

In case you want to store all of your recording data in the cloud, HeimVision Assure B1 provides the necessary services for you, at an affordable price.

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