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UVCliin Sanitizer|Clean Anything In 5 Seconds

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Posted By Bernard D

Sanitize everything effectively with the top-notch UVC LEDs. Powerful & ozone-free. Built with a power bank for your emergency needs.

UVCliin can effectively sanitize your surroundings, and its size is ideal for sweeping over doorknobs, handles, and all the uneven surfaces often shared by many hands. With a press of a button and five seconds, you can create a clean environment anytime and anywhere!

Do you know that your home is actually a hidden paradise for microorganisms? Not only are your toilets ridden with harmful particles, your kitchen sponges, the bowls of your beloved pets, or even your phones and laptops are also considered easily contaminated objects. Not to mention everything you touch in the public areas!

Besides, UVCliin goes beyond being just a sanitizer, it’s also built with a power bank for your urgent needs! The portable charger comes with a battery light indicator for added convenience. Now, you can easily keep your devices charged and sanitized with the 2-in-1 UVCliin!

UVC, the deep ultraviolet light whose wavelength ranges from about 100 to 280nm, cannot reach the Earth, for most of them are absorbed by the ozone layer, making it necessary to produce UVC light artificially. UVCliin takes pride in its high-power UVC LED beads which especially focus on purification.

Microbes proliferate by replicating the genetic materials in the nucleus of living cells, and UVC light is able to modify and rearrange the helical structure of DNA/RNA, stopping cell division. And since our LED lies within the range where DNA/RNA is most sensitive, UVCliin is able to show way better results on cleaning than other products. 

The LED beads are the soul of the UVC sanitization products. UVCliin team went the extra mile in making sure our LED beads are the best on the market, achieving excellent cleaning performance.

All of our efforts and expertise were compressed into a small piece of LED component. It’s only 0.35cm thin but is surely an indispensable element that helps UVCliin achieve what it can do and to make it extraordinary.

High Radiant Flux

The higher the radiant power, the shorter time needed for cleaning. Unlike many UVC products that utilize LED beads of 2mW, our LED beads produce 10mW radiant power, sanitizing better and faster.

Optimal Wavelength

DNA has peak sensitivity to UV light at around 265nm, and we carefully made our LED wavelength fall within this range to produce higher cleaning efficiency.

Long LED lifespan

Unlike the existing UV lamps, UVCliin LED can withstand about 10000 hours of usage, making it a better product for cleaning.

Massive Cleaning Range

The light-emitting angle of UVCliin LED is 120°, delivering more efficient sanitization, and with 8 LED beads, UVCliin can completely cover the required cleaning area.

Despite its complicated technology, UVCliin is easy to operate, and we added some convenient features to keep you safe. Simply hold the UVCliin two centimeters above the surface for five seconds, and you can easily clean your belongings.

UVC light is invisible, so we’ve added in blue light beads for safety concerns with LED light flashing every five seconds, helping you track the cleaning progress.

UVCliin LED will turn off with the lid closed, providing extra protection.

UVCliin is foldable and easy to carry, you can slip it into your crossbody bag or pockets, keeping harmful microbes away from you at all times.

UVCliin offers various advantages over the traditionally used mercury lamps and UV lamps. It is the most effective, environmentally-friendly, and chemical-free way to keep your things clean.

From personal belongings to public facilities countless people touch every day, UVCliin enables you to keep a healthy and safe life. 

Nothing is worse than finding your phone low on battery and you’re nowhere near any chargers, UVCliin with its 5000mAh capacity can function as a power bank for your emergency needs.  

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