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Visual Dock: Newest USB-C Hub with Display for MacBook/iPad

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10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen.2|[email protected] HDR Video|SD/TF UHS-II 300MB|100W Power Delivery|Best for MacBook,iPad Pro/Air 4,Laptop/DockCase Designed

DockCase Smart Dock is a revolutionarily integrated dock for data transfer, speedy charging and real-time information visualization, which can display real-time data information.

Featuring a screen, the visual dock will show you real-time information about your connections, whether the data transfer is applied to the fatest speed, whether the HDMI output works the best resolution, so you can master ahead and achieve the best working performance. 

When powering on the Smart Dock, the display shows you warm greeting and the main interface successively. 

The HD display on the dock intelligently gives you the real-time information upon each port inserted.  

  • 100W PD 3.0: Voltage, current and temperature; 
  • [email protected] HDMI: Monitor’s brand, size, the current and max resolution, manufacturing date, and temperature, etc; 
  • USB-A 3.0 Ports: USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 and the temperature; 
  • SD/TF Card Reader: Card type and temperature;

When all ports are connected to, the main interface displays the core information of each port, like a car’s dashboard.

What mostly concerns you during using hubs and adapters in your experience? Its high temperature would come the first. As we all know, high temperature will directly impact the data transfer speed, the stability of the HDMI streaming or even cause the crash. DockCase Smart Dock could display you the real-time temperature of all ports’ main control chips thus you can get to know it anytime and plan your work orderly.

On top of showing the connections’ real-time details, what can this world’s first HD display dock bring to you? Yes, greetings! Every time you power on the dock, it will display a piece of words, like a greeting from someone who cares you or an encouragement from yourself. The dock is no more an electronics, somewhat like an emotional person communicating with you.

  • There are 7 lines for texts customization and each line are limited to 14 characters, including the blank spaces; 
  • The font, font size, font color are all by default, as seen above. Please note, line 1 and line 4 are the same to line 2, line 3 and line 7 regarding the font design;
  • The smiling face could be replaced but limited to monochrome linear drawings and customers could submit preferred ones to us;
  • How to Submit Your Customization: when the campaign ends, we will email all customization pledges and collect the detailed customization info. 

Apple just released its new MacBook Air and 13-in MacBook Pro with its self-designed ARM-based M1 chip, and we’re really impressed which showed us a decent boost in performance with the fan, and extra GPU core, plus longer battery life. But, they merely have USB-C ports which limit the peripherals connection.  On this point, Smart Dock can well make up versatile ports and enable your new MacBook to connect more devices.

Smart Dock’s [email protected] HDMI port allows you to connect compatible USB-C devices to a TV or larger display with up to 4K resolution, no delay and no lag.

Smart Dock can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, allowing you to charge the MacBook via PD 3.0 output with the original 96W adapter while syncing data and taking charge of your next presentation.   

Concerning the PD safety protection, the Smart Dock Pro additionally features 24V CC High Voltage protection to avoid the damages on the mainboard upon improper or poor quality power adapters’ connection.

Smart Dock features 3 USB-A port and USB 3.0 with 5Gbps data transfer. You can transfer 1G files in 2 seconds.   

Besides, it enables to extend the connections with flash drive, SSD, HDD, mouse, keyboard and other USB devices to configure your work setup with endless creativity.

The upgraded version with the latest UHS-II interface is here to unleash the full performance of a UHS-II SD/TF card, transferring high resolution images and HD videos to your computer in just seconds.

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