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Lumos Ultra – The New Standard In Bike Helmets

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Posted By Bernard D

Integrated LED lighting, turn signals, and smart features to keep you safe in one sleek package.

Lumos Ultra comes included with a wireless handlebar remote to make signalling as easy as pressing a button.

Chips On Board (COB) is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over more conventional technologies. It allows for a more compact footprint whilst delivering a higher intensity of light meaning you’ll be seen from further away. It is also what gives the lights a more uniform look. We like to think of it as Currently Our Best LED technology.

It’s our most vented helmet yet. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and have paid very close attention to the way Ultra directs air through its internal venting system. We’ve created 3 enormous exhausts in the rear to ensure hot air gets pushed out helping to keep the rider cool whether on a commute or on a training session.

We’ve already done the initial crash tests on our beta units and they pass with plenty of safety margin to spare. We’re confident that Ultra will be one of the safest helmets on road even without the lights on.

When you ride, you must be prepared to ride in any weather. That’s why Ultra is built to IPX6 standards, to withstand the elements and keep you riding bright, come rain or shine.

We’ve worked really hard to improve the weight of our smart helmets. By using more efficient manufacturing methods, we were able to use less material without compromising the high level of protection that our helmets provide. Our very first helmet weighed in at 490 grams, Ultra is estimated to have a final weight of 370 grams. Now that’s a big win (or loss).

There are multiple benefits to wearing lights high up on the head. Firstly, it makes it possible to be seen more clearly by motorists on the road. You’re less likely to encounter a situation where your lights are being blocked by parked cars or other things on the road. Secondly, by illuminating your head, it’s much easier for motorists to see where you’re looking and thus know approach more carefully.

Ultra is the helmet for everyone, from kids to even bigger kids. It is available in the sizes S, M-L and XL, and they are all equipped with a click-dial fit system to ensure that Ultra sits firmly yet comfortably on your head.

  • Small (S): 51-55 cm / 20-21.6 in
  • Medium to Large (M-L): 54-61 cm / 21.3-24 in
  • Extra Large (XL): 61-65 cm / 24-25.6 in

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