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Waterproof 1000W Portable Battery Power Station

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1000W AC output I 1010Wh Li-po battery(2000 cycles) I 210W AC IN I 12-70V 12A 360W MPPT IN I PD 100W

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MONTEK X-1000 solar generator combines leading-edge technology in crystalline photovoltaic and electronics into one portable device to provide you with portable charging needs. This is a reliable, portable, simple and durable solar power equipment for disaster relief, prospecting, outdoor activities and emergency situations, etc.


This power station provides reliable power for you in most extreme environments.


This power station is designed as a light weight, impact and portable power solution.


This power station is a plug & play power station, easy to operate.


This power station is rugged, durable, and provides power in the most harsh environments.

X-1000 is equipped with a high capacity pouch lithium polymer NCM battery pack 25.9V39Ah, that is 273,000mAh @3.7V, 1010Wh. 

This pouch battery pack consists of 7 large capacity 3.7V 39,000mAh A grade EV Li-ion NCM polymer battery cells, which is more stable than 18650 Li-ion battery cell because 18650 battery pack requires much more cells to get high capacity. Less battery cells, more stable the battery pack.

With this huge capacity battery, it can power multiple AC & DC devices

It can power quite a lot of devices that is lower than 1000W, like TV, fridge, coffee maker, drill and saw, etc.

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There are five DC 12V output ports sharing 10A. The 12V output is regulated @ 12.8V.  One car socket supports 12V 10A Max., two 5.5*2.1mm barrel ports support 12V 7A Max., two 5.5*2.5mm barrel ports support 12V 10A Max. It can power car fridge, fan, LED light, etc.

It is equipped with one PD 3.0 USB-C 100W output port, you can use it to charge laptops that support PD, it is more efficient than using a PD adapter. 

X-1000 is a good backup generator for power outage, disaster relief, prospecting, outdoor activities, etc.

Powering home appliances when power outage

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Powering devices when RV camping 

Powering CPAP when emergency

Charging drone batteries, other digital devices in wild

High Efficiency MPPT Solar Charging

The DC IN port supports MPPT 12-70V 12A 360W input max. With wide range MPPT charge controller, this power station is compatible with any solar panel input. And MPPT charge controller has much better performance than PWM charge controller, especially under weak sunshine environment, it could draw more power to charge the unit. 

This MPPT charge controller has high efficiency, it can draw about 85% solar panel power to charge the inside battery under good sunlight.

Use a 80W sunpower panel to charge the unit, it takes about 18 hours under good sunlight to recharge X-1000.

Connect two 120W monocrystalline solar panels in series to charge the power station, it takes about 7-8 hours under good sunlight to recharge X-1000.

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AC Charging

With integrated built-in AC charger, you do not need a heavy brick adapter. Use the included AC charging cable to recharge this battery pack through AC IN port. The max. input power is about 210W, it takes 6 hours to fully recharge X-1000.

Car Charging

This power station can be recharged with car cigarette socket through DC IN port, Max. Input is 12V 10A, it takes about 9 hours to fully recharge X-1000. 

From the display, you could read input power, battery capacity percentage, DC output, AC output voltage & frequency & power, LED light working state, fan working state, inside temperature high or low.

When you are in wild, you can lock the lip, close the waterproof doors, leave the unit charging through solar panel, no need to worry about it rains as this unit is water resistant.

If the product is not in use, you can store it with the doors closed, then dust, moisture will not come inside and damage the unit.We use 19mm metal button for the main power and 16mm metal button for the AC output button, which makes it easier to operate than tiny plastic buttons other products use.

X-1000 has an intelligent cooling system, which could protect the inverter and battery from overheat, and make the unit quite silent. If the inside temperature is over 60°C, it will activate the fan, then it will speed up when the temperature is going up. When the temperature is 75°C, the cooling fan is at its 100% speed. When the inside temperatue is 80°C, it will shut down all inputs or outputs.

When the AC output power is over 660W, or AC input power is over 50W, it will also activate the fan, the speed is accoding to the temperature.

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