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LinkLens: The World’s 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles

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Music Playing | Phone Calling | Voice Assistant | Wind Noise Cancellation | Single-Ear Mode | Uni-body Design | Comfort-Fit | Anti-fog

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LinkLens are professional snow goggles with an audio-enabled system designed for ski and snow sports enthusiasts. LinkLens uses cutting-edge Open Air Audio and Dual-mic Noise Cancellation technologies to deliver superior music listening in windy conditions. Combined with the Single-ear Mode, LinkLens enables crystal-clear calls while allowing you to stay alert to your surroundings. With a single button press, your voice assistant is on standby for hands-free control and helpful information.

Its professional-level lens design delivers a clearer and expanded view for sharper vision and safer adventures. All of which, combined with a unibody design and memory plastic frame by TPU material, makes LinkLens flexible and impact resistant. Stay connected, safe, and immersed in sound for all snow sports!

Worried about the headphones dropping in motion? Bothered by the tangled earphone? Feel hurt after a long time of wearing the earbuds? Or probably all your gadgets die quickly in a freezing cold trip… Too many hassles of traditional earphones and walkie talkie may destroy your joy. Now. it’s time to say goodbye to the old days!

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LinkLens uses an innovative technology called Open Air Audio that keeps you immersed in your music without shutting out the world. The sound ports are designed with an intentional space in front of the ears to allow in a small amount of environmental sound that keeps you aware of your surroundings.

Unlike other in-ear headphones, this system puts no pressure on the ears, is helmet and hat compatible, and provides comfortable performance for all-day use.

LinkLens was created to elevate your audio experience and add a soundtrack to your adventures. With custom-built speakers and a specially engineered dual-chamber acoustic cavity that maintains separation of mids & highs in the front and rich, powerful bass in the back, LinkLens rocks your world. The embedded Bluetooth chip solution powers the audio processing for premium audio performance, along with battery life optimization and extension.

Always missing calls when fully enjoy the skiing? Not a problem for LinkLens! No need to remove your gloves or stop skiing, LinkLens allows you to answer or decline a call with just a single press and stay connected even while in motion! Fully enjoy your journey and never miss out on your calls!

Winter weather and snow sports present special challenges for gear. LinkLens has a unique Dual-mic Noise Cancellation that helps you hear clearly in windy conditions. The integrated dual-microphone is aligned with your mouth (triple-points-in-line design) to screen out wind noise and ensure clear and crisp sound for calls and voice commands.

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Ask your voice assistant (Siri, Google Voice or any other built-in voice assistant) for helpful information such as weather, set a reminder, or play music hands-free. LinkLens keeps you connected and in-touch anytime you need it.

For times when you need to better hear what is happening around you for safety, LinkLens has a special Single Ear Mode that lets you remain alert to your surroundings all the time or speak with someone nearby and hear them clearly without interrupting your audio experience. 

LinkLens features a quick one-button press that is gloves and mitten friendly for convenience, you can easily switch to Left/Right-ear mode to talk with others, or loop back to resume your adventure! 

Nothing is worse than trying to see through a set of steamed up goggles. LinkLens utilizes a double-walled, anti-fog lens design for a clear, safe view even in humid conditions. 

For any ski goggles, comfort and performance under varying conditions is essential. LinkLens gets the job done with an ultra-lightweight design and triple-layer high-density foam that perfectly forms to the face for all-day comfort. When things get heated, the anti-fog lens and sweatproof side fur help keep the view clear and wicks away moisture. LinkLens is built to go as far as you want.

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LinkLens smart audio goggles feature with glove-friendly buttons to control your phone even wearing gloves or mitten. When pressing the buttons under the goggles, the vibration motor will vibrate and the built-in LED light will on for intuitive feedback even on the fly!

Look as good as you feel and let your individual style show through. LinkLens is available in an Arctic Vision Series, you can choose from Aurora Blue, Arctic Silver and Sunrise Pink to fit your style to let you stand out from the crowd with an expanded view.

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