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Artellia Monno | 5-in-1 | 35W Wireless Charging Station

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World’s First Dual-Fan Cooling System | 7 Coils | 3x Wireless Devices + 2x Smart Devices

As the industry of personal smart devices is thriving in the modern world, there is an increase in the number of gadgets that individuals own and use every day. At Artellia, we set off on a journey to design a one-stop solution to satisfy the needs of charging multiple devices at ease. Multifunctionality was not the only objective, as the world prompts users with higher charging efficiency. We aim to provide not only charging capability, but also efficiency. 

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Artellia Monno was kickstarted by an idea of blending smart home technology into everyday household unobtrusively through design. The 5-in-1 charging station provides a one-stop solution for tetheredwirelessly charged, and wearable devices. User safety is prioritized and it is safeguarded by the active heat dissipation system. The design ensures ease-of-use and a carefree experience for users. It’s the fastest 35W wireless charger on the market, with 7 coils technology that can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously.

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 Sleek & Modern Design

The sleek and modern design makes Monno look great on any desk and in any home environment. Its low-profile, clean lines neatly complement the space around it. This is the only charging station you will ever need.

Chic & Versatile

No matter which design styles of your home, modern, industrial or Scandinavian, Monno can do more than charge for your phones but blend into your interior decoration perfectly without any incongruity.

 Organized. No more clutter.

Say goodbye to messiness. Say hello to organization! No more hassling with charging cables. Monno is capable of charging your smartphones, wireless earbuds, power bank, wearables, and other portable devices.

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 Universal Compatibility (Including iPhone 12)

Monno is compatible with any devices regardless of brands and their ecosystem including iPhone 12, Apple Watch, Airpods, Samsung, OnePlus, HUAWEI, and many others. It delivers up to 7.5W of power to your iPhone and 10W to other Qi-enabled devices. Enjoy the flexibility of charging all your devices at once.

Phone Case Friendly

Your phone case will not affect the charging process. Monno supports charging through your favorite phone cases ( Thickness up to 2mm ).

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 35W Total Charging Output 

The 5-in-1 Wireless Charging station is pack with a total output of 35W. Monno charges 3 wireless charging spots and 2 additional USB-A charging outputs, it can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously.

With Great Power, Comes Great Coverage. 

With an industry-leading 7 coils technology, there is no need to search for the ‘sweet spot’ on the charging station ever again. Monno’s 7 coils provide an ultra-wide charging area to make the charging process more efficient. You can place your devices in any position and they will begin charging immediately. 

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 Dual-fans Cooling, Heat Dissipation System

Charge up safely. Monno has 2 internal cooling fans to provide temperature control, prevent overheating and increase the charging speeds. It ensures to complete charging in 4 hours for your smartphones, and ultimately extending your battery lifespan.

 Premium Anti-scratch Fabric Surface 

The thoughtfully selected fabric protects your smart devices from scratches upon contact by providing a soft & smooth surface.

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