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Cyclemate-The World’s Most Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion

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The Revolutionary 3D Air Bag Bicycle Seat Cushion, Incredibly Versatile.

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Too hard cushions can be harmful to your reproductive organs, and long-time use will make you feel uncomfortable;

The air cushion with moderate flexibility can effectively alleviate friction to ensure a comfortable long riding.

When you ride the bicycle, the body weight is putting much pressure on the perineum,7 times more than usual.

Cyclemate adopts the method of multiple air convection, which means the air circulates when the air bag is squeezed, creating an “anti-gravity” effect of even compression, cushioning about 40% of the body’s vertical pressure, in order to greatly reduce the hip load and pressure.

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According to medical experts heat and stuffiness will do certain harm to testicles.The shallow slot design of Cyclemate cushion, with 6mm bag spacing; Good air permeability, reducing sweat and stuffiness and keeping the butt dry.

Reducing vibration and anddirect impact transmitted to the body by up to 45%.

After 100% fully inflated and subject to repeated machine stress tests,no leakage, rupture or deformation occurred within 200kg.

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The surface material adopts lycra abric, which is delicate and elastic, shockproof, not easy to deform, repeatable cleaning and durable.

The bottom of the seat cushion is made of grade A silicone with anti-slip particles, which has good adsorption effect for any material surface, making the cycling more stable.

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Installation steps

  • Connect tube to cushion air inlet
  • Push pump to inplate.
  • Inflate air to your prefered softness.
  • Put Cyclemate cushion on bike saddle, tight it, and begin to enjoy your riding.

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